Why We Are Not Feminists? Feminists threat women and accuse men unjustly of rape.

erin pizzey threat

WE ARE NOT feminists.  Feminism is not that kind of feminist propaganda found on wiki where “Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women.

This is not feminism. These are feminist lies and feminism propaganda. We don’t believe in feminist propaganda.

Why we are not feminists? Simple. Feminism is a hate movement with Marxist roots. They think like Marxists and have got the same agenda. Marxists want to destroy the Western civilization and Western values. You live in the UK. It means you live in Europe. Western civilization. Western values

Some may think that this statement means we are against women’s rights, but this is not the case. We believe in human rights. Human rights are based on Western values. Off course ours society is not perfect but much better that society ran by Islamic State (IS) or Marxists, right?

Feminists love Marxists. They love non western culture. They have got the same Marxist agenda. They never talk about women that are living under Marxists rules. Women without rights. Why? Same agenda and the same ideology: Marxism.

Feminists love one thing:  Threating women if they are against the feminism. If you interested about this make a research about Erin Pizzey. You will be surprised.

Oh, any true feminist knows that feminism is about gender equality and justice. Men and women are equal…….

Sorry again but this is feminist propaganda. We have to tell you. Men and women are NOT equal. We will write an article about it.

Justice. Feminism is about justice. Are you sure?

That’s the feminist justice:

 “Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience”. Catherine Comins, feminist

Sorry . We don’t agree with that.

We Are Not Feminists.


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