The feminist Margaret Sanger: abortion, eugenics, racism and feminism

Feminists argue that abortion is a “necessity for millions of women worldwide, for their health, for their wellbeing, for their dreams of a better tomorrow”. This is not new. The same kind of argument was used by  feminist Margaret Sanger (first wave) to kill jew, black, latins and slave children.

Margaret Sanger was an rich feminist, birth control activist and sex educator. As the current feminists she wanted a world “without oppression” and all that kind socialists quotes.

She has created the base to the Planned Parenthood. The organization has its roots in Brooklyn, New York, where Margaret opened the country’s first birth-control clinic (abortion). The feminist Margaret Sanger was a crazy racist  and eugenicist.  It was integral to the implementation of eugenics to eliminate the ‘unfit’ (black, jew, latins, slave,…).

The same Sanger  was who persuaded a few rich and “opressed” women to carry on her feminist agenda. She believed the entirety of the black population were intellectually and racially inferior. Many use this statement to bolster the claim that Sanger wanted to exterminate all of the black population.

One of Sanger’s favorite slogans, so much so that it adorned the masthead of her Birth Control Review, was this: “Birth Control: To Create a Race of Thoroughbreds.”
Was Sanger not concerned about it? Apparently not enough to be turned away from an exciting chance to speak to the KKK. Yes. There’s no denying it: this feminist icon spoke to the KKK in New Jersey in May 1926.

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