Why won’t British women speak out against feminism? money and brainwashing

women against feminism uk 2 cropped-women-against-feminism-uk1.png

Some people ask: Why won’t British women speak out against feminism? Answer: fear, money and brainwashing of children by feminists. Let’s explain it below:

1- Fear. Most of us British women are too scared to stand up to the feminists – with much justification – because they will likely be attacked in the media, in the workplace and, probably, in their own social circles. Wherever you see people questioning feminism, even in the most polite and gentle of ways, you will also likely see a deluge of hostility being directed towards them. Erin Pizzey was threatened by feminists because she spoke against the feminism agenda. Feminists do not discuss. They attack, they lie and they collude together to destroy those who oppose them. They are marxists and they love group attack. They create illusions and lies about feminism and the real world. Few people are brave to fight back.

2- Money. Feminists are also very well-funded by the state and by various powerful professional groups such as lawyers – both of which make millions from the ensuing disharmony that feminists provoke; from the boardroom to the bedroom. The divorce industry alone is worth billions. Feminism is a huge, profit-making enterprise that is far more powerful these days than is, say, the church. But it is Government that benefits the most from it …

3- Brainwashing of children by feminists Feminists brainwashing children. Feminist lie and they will never tell the true about feminism (marxist movement created by rich women to destroy the Western civilization). They will never talk about what feminists really think. Feminists will brainwash our children if you don’t take care of. These children will grow up  obedient lemmings who adopt opinions verbatim from the feminist media as  BBC, the Guardian newspaper and the professors who taught them that useless humanities degree they got neck-deep in debt to pay for. So abortion will be great, promiscuity will be a gift, responsability will be oppression and so on. You children will become feminists.

Fortunately this was the past. Now we can fight feminists. Women against feminism is growing and it’s time to stop with all these feminist nonsense. We are not afraid anymore.


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