Protein World ‘beach body ready’ poster: fighting against feminism and obesity

Protein World 'beach body ready' poster: the advertising watchdog has received around 270 complaints

Let’s talk about the Protein World ‘beach body ready’ poster. What’s the message?

Normal people just see another fitness ad.  The message is:  The model worked out because she did not want to be too skinny and instead have toned muscles.  She is NOT anorexic. Even naturally thin people have to work hard to have the body they desire. But work is too hard so they need proper nutrition: Protein World.

Yes. The message was “You too can become fit if you buy our product”. There’s no shaming in that. It’s encouragement, free choice, free market and marketing.

But a simple poster has shown how generations have been idiotized by feminists. Are ads featuring slim, beautiful models, promoting a “beach body” image, sexist and worthy of banning? Feminists say yes. Normal women. Say no.


Feminists are worried about this poster on left but love the poster on right (if not lesbians LOL)

Business as Protein World want to sell and make profit. Angry and stupid feminists attacked the company Protein World. Why? Making money. The best part was the bit about how the femifascists inadvertently helped Protein World with free publicity, leading to tons of revenue.

The controversial ad campaign featuring a model in a bikini that asks “Are you beach body ready?” has been banned by the advertising watchdog because of “concerns” over its weight loss claimsToo often,  feminists are embracing censorship. We can see it everyday.

Furthermore, obesity in the United Kingdom is a growing health concern, with officials stating that it is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the UK. In February 2012, experts predicted that by the year 2020 one third of the United Kingdom could be obese. Instead of saying that fat’s beautiful and all that feminist propaganda, the overweight need to be taught about the dangers and need to get help losing weight.

Yes. UK among worst in western Europe for level of overweight and obese people but feminists think obesity is ok.

We tweeted: Feminists, go exercise, have a good diet and stop to blame the world

Feminists, you need to grow up.



2 thoughts on “Protein World ‘beach body ready’ poster: fighting against feminism and obesity

  1. I heard some of them saying that PW are telling you that you are lacking in having a good body, which in fact you are not, and then saying buy our stuff so you can get this body. Well, duh.. that IS exactly how advertising works, they tell you that you are lacking something, that you need it and so buy it from us.


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