Australia: lesbians have oral sex on public transport

There is a video posted on facebook where lesbians girls are having fun (oral sexl) on Melbourne public transport.

Someone has recorded these ladies. This man was not happy. What’s really crazy is that they look at the guy in disgust as if it’s his fault. Well, having sex on public transport in Australia is normal, isn’t? This lesbian is licking her “friend” in the middle of the day on a train with people around.

Well, they couldn’t wait to find a room, hum?

Feminists say men are disgusting and perverted. If you have sex with your husband or boyfriend is “rape apology”. “Manspreading” is also illegal in some places. Feminists have not talked about these lesbians yet. Guarantee there won’t be any feminist outrage over this.

Definitely humans are becoming animals and unfortunately we are following  Herbert Marcuse’s theories.


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