The fallacy of equality.


Feminists (and marxists) are often saying this lie: “Equality is justice”.

That’s the most politically correct LIE ever

Look this link, The World Factbook:

It illustrates well how equality doesn’t mean justice. We have some interesting observations about this link:

  -Ethiopia is the 20th most egalitarian country in the world, above the EU average.
– The 23 most egalitarian country is Pakistan, above the EU average.
– The East Timor is also well positioned,  being more equal than Italy, Spain, Canada and France.
– Bangladesh is above Switzerland and Ireland.
– Niger, a country which for several years had the worst HDI in the world, the GINI coefficient does well, being more equal than the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
– Benin, Laos, Indonesia and India are above Japan.
– Yemen does better than Portugal and Israel.
– Burundi penultimate place in the HDI ranking is above the United States.
– Finally, Zambia is better than Chile and Hong Kong.

But then? Have you seen people leaving  Canada and prefering East Timor? Ever heard of someone who has chosen to pursue opportunities in Niger rather than the United Kingdom or New Zealand?
Or one of the hundreds of Japanese descendants who return to the land of their ancestors in search of opportunities to give up Japan and opt for Laos?

Inequality maybe a problem but in a country that is already quite poor, equality is NOT guaranteed to more wealth and justice.

Equality is a myth.


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