Women in the military: Should women be allowed as British Special Forces?

We respect and are proud of  the British Army but political correctness and feminism, unfortunately, are hitting our MOD.

Women do a lot of military work (well done, we are proud).  But this is not enough for feminists. What’s about women on British infantry front line? Feminists want more women enjoying the army (while they stay at home having junkie food) because “we are equal” and “if men can do, so we can”.

Well, it is more about penis envy,  feminist agenda and political correctness rather than serving our country.

Feminists say “They want more women in the army. Women are just as strong as men.” Beatiful propaganda but it is NOT the true. They want “equal rights” but they want standards lowered when it comes to female soldiers. Sorry feminists but equality isn’t a bag of Trailmix. You can’t just pick the parts you like. That’s the feminist “equality and justice” ( double standards).

Former army officer Ashley Merry said the move, which would affect very few women, described it as “counter-productive”.

She said: “Women are already on the front line doing a very real job very effectively.

“I don’t welcome this news that they are going to be considered for combat roles in the infantry, because in reality there’s very few posts that are not open to women and women have moved so far in the armed forces.”

“I can understand why politically it is a good thing to be seen to be doing – on the other hand, the practicalities of women in the infantry and armoured corps are considerable and should not be overlooked.”

She added: “I don’t see why we are having to go this extra step because for the numbers involved I think it’s really counter-productive when there are more important things that the Ministry of Defence and commanders should be concentrating on.

“At the moment we are living in such dangerous times. This is not the time to be experimenting with something new to be politically correct. If it’s not broken, why try and fix it?”

Well said, Ashley.

Furthermore, feminists want women enjoying the British special forces. Are you serious? Feminists, you cannot deal with a shake advert. You cannot deal with criticism. You cannot deal with pressure. You think that being unfit is a “great deal against the patriarchy ” but you want joy the best special forces in the world.

Please, give us  break


One thought on “Women in the military: Should women be allowed as British Special Forces?

  1. I’ve been studying this topic as part of my Masters thesis. There is some interesting evidence released by the UK Government (e.g. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/women-in-ground-close-combat-gcc-review-paper). This includes evidence that women are NOT equal to men, esp in terms of physical elements. And this has a direct impact on survivability and deploy-ability.

    Women in the UK are not allowed in Close Combat roles – Special Forces are only a small element of this.

    Although I was initially pro-women being in combat roles, after reading all the evidence my current thoughts are the current model – in which women are allowed to be attached to the Infantry but not part of it (e.g. medics and dog handlers), as they are not expected their main role to be to fight in close combat, is the best solution. I.e. I don’t think they need to change the current system, however I applaud them for researching and looking into this on a regular basis, questioning the current norms and making decisions based on current evidence is always the best way to go.

    However, I also think they will make a political decision for other reasons and allow women into these roles from 2018. Wider benefits other countries have seen when allowing women into combat roles is an increase in female applicants into the military in general – but not into the close combat roles.


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