Feminists exploit and manipulate children for their own ends

feminists abuse children

It’s official, feminists will do everything to protect the feminist agenda. Got to get children indoctrinated young is one of them.  Please, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHmuPrFymjc

This is actually terrifying. This is child abuse. Who in their right mind would ever lead little girls astray like that? Imagine how they’ll grow up. All of these girls will grow up believing these to be true. It’s actually quite disgusting really.

There are pictures where you can see poor  children been manipulated by feminists as well. The adults in their lives are dumbasses.  Nothing new here. Feminism is about destruction, about agenda, about hate, about evil but the progressive feminists will lie to us about “empowerment”. The fact is this is sort of behaviour is tantamount to child abuse.

Protect your children. Don’t let feminists brainwash them.


One thought on “Feminists exploit and manipulate children for their own ends

  1. “My mom’s a slut”? Poor little guy! Let’s pretend that the result of Third Wave…um…”Feminism” backfires, and this poor kid matures to the age of 7, whereupon he’s actually beaten up in school because the other kids have their older siblings videos that show him when he was “proud” of his mom being a “slut”?

    Is she gonna be proud then of having been a “slut”, and of having made her young son champion her cause in such a nauseatingly…pink…and flagrant way?


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