Top 10 disgusting and feminists ideas ever

Let’s have a look how feminists look like?

1-  The UK

Feminist Kiran Gandhi,  ran this year’s London Marathon without any sanitary protection in a bid to ” end the stigma surrounding women’s periods”.

What we say: Feminists are stupid. There’s nothing to be ashamed about periods. But no one needs to see that shit running down your legs. It’s unhygienic.

2- Spain

Spanish feminists from Sangre Menstrual,  a Spanish performance group, took to the streets wearing white pants and shorts stained with menstrual blood in support of their “Manifesto for the Visibility of the Period.” (WTF???).  Sangre Menstrual wrote the manifesto to point out that, by attempting to hide our periods, a perfectly natural bodily function, we are participating in the “patriarchal system and effectively punishing ourselves for being women. ”

What we say: Feminists are stupid , schizophrenic and unhygienic.

3- Vatican

Feminists shove crucifixes up their anuses to express their hatred toward Christians.

What we say: Feminism and atheism have got the same agenda and often attack Christian countries. We want to see feminists daring the same with Muslims or in atheist countries as North Korea. Do they dare? We doubt. Lack of courage?  Maybe. But they have got the same agenda for sure.

4- United States

Here’s how true feminists pack their soil with nutrients.  Feminist Beca Grimm fertilised salad with her period blood.

What we say: You are not living in the jungle and you are not Bear Grylls. Feminists are stupid and unhygienic.

5- Brazil

Feminists peeing like men or feminists‘ peeing contest.

What we say: Everyone knows that feminism is pure penis envy

The artist, Jen Lewis, has used her period blood to create an entire art project called "Beauty in Blood." Her husband Rob Lewis takes the images.

Believe it or not, all of these photographs were created using a woman's menstrual blood.

6- United States

The feminazi, Jen Lewis, has used her period blood to create an entire “art project” called Beauty in Blood.

What we say: Why do we have to use bodily fluids as paint? They smell weird and can carry infection etc… Why is this “beautiful”, but if someone made a painting out of their smeared poop it’d be gross? We don’t see how that translates into splattering your period blood on a canvas and calling it art. This is not “empowering”, it’s repulsive. Menstrual blood is a private matter, like any other body fluid. We just don’t get the obsession of normalizing period. Which is next? Why don’t we start urinating everywhere and turn it into a decoration?

7-The UK

The British-based feminist (she is french) Ingrid Berthon- Moine exhibited a video at the Venice Biennale of her twanging her tampon string to the song Slave to the Rhythm. She is currently completing a series of photographs featuring women wearing their menstrual blood as lipstick.

What we say: Menstrual blood as lipstick? This blood on your mounth? This is another case of feminism gone mad! No one want to see another woman wearing her menstrual blood as lipstick. This is disgusting to say the very least.

8- World

Growing out one’s armpit hair and dying it became a feminist statement against the “silent or erased aspect of women’s bodies”. Feminists also do that because “men dont’ shave armpit hair” and feminists want to be equal.

 What we say: Feminists ideas are rubbish and pure penis envy.
9- United States
ABC Family: TV Promoting Transgenderism for kids. ABC Family’s Becoming Us is a tv program, focusing on a teenager whose parents have recently divorced. As if this were not tragedy enough for the young man, his father, Charlie, is transitioning into a woman named Carly. Perfect family, isn’t it?
There is more..TLC’s All that Jazz centers around a 14-year-old named Jazz Jennings, who decided at a very young age that he was a girl. Jazz’s parents supported that change, letting him live as a girl from the age of five and giving him hormone treatment from the age of 11 to stop his adolescent development. (Wow, that’s great parenting!) The show focuses on “the typical teen experiences, including dating, sleepovers and high school.”

What we say:  LGBT agenda and feminist agenda are THE SAME thing. Being a woman is not enough. Being a man is not enough.  Because we have to be equal we must fight biology and reality to become one “thing” (Neither woman nor man).  These people are targeting kids.  Equality obsession, politically correct and family destruction? Definitely .

Animal Urges: Women and Bestiality
10- United States.

Feminists are glorifying Zoophilia (sexual fixation on animals).  

The feminist-writer Mish Way supports Zoophilia in her article “Animal Urges: Woman and bestiality”. Read this rubish here

What we say:  Yes, it is disgusting. But thanks to feminists we are testing the limits of the slippery slope: “No limits, nothing is wrong, everything is right, homosexual marriage, transgender acceptance as normal, pedophilia, incest, multiple spouses, bestiality”….

It is disturbing  that all of those behaviors are now being accepted publicly and praised.

Sadly, we know that this list has not finished yet…

29 thoughts on “Top 10 disgusting and feminists ideas ever

  1. Yuck!! Just Go Vegan! Meanwhile they’re wetting themselves and contributing to the largest treblinka of sexual exploitation;- the dairy industry which forces impregnation, steals and kills the babies and then the spent mother who can no longer produce even on added hormones; the egg industry (obvious) and also the male chicks thrown live into blenders for simply not being egg producers…


  2. This is just dang offensive!!!! I’m a feminist, and not all feminists are like that. Especially not me!!!! I’m a feminist, and I believe that such behaviors are unacceptable!!! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO MAKE ALL FEMINISTS LOOK LIKE THIS!!!!!!! You’re a fool for making such an idea look foolish by focusing on only the disgusting, perverted parts of it and targeting all feminists!!! Learn your facts!!!


  3. Feminism is against LGBT people, they are separating us and taking rights from us, and they have never supported trans people, no matter what they claim now. Educating others on trans people has nothing to do with feminism, and in fact, we as a community wouldn’t have to be fighting for anything were it not for feminism. So please shove the whole bullshit about the LGBT community and feminism being alike, cause they are using us just as much as they use minorities, the poor, single mothers, and women in general.


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  5. I am a male, but I have some thoughts on how menstrual blood is perceived in society. For a starter, why menstrual blood is considered to be something more disgusting than regular blood? Is it because it comes from vagina and that somehow makes it worse? Blood is blood, no matter where it comes from. They are right in pointing out that menstrual blood and women’s period is stigmatized more than any other bleeding. Usually people are more disgusted to see a bloody tampon than bloody bandage or elastoplast – I think that this is what are talking about. And what about a bleeding nose – are you disgusted when you see a nose-bleeding human? Blood can not be compared to excrements because we donate blood, blood is vital for or existence, but somehow exactly period blood is degraded to be on a par with excrements. Would you be also disgusted if that artist painted with the blood from her hand instead of period?


  6. In regards to the whole trans body swapping bullshit, these people are painting themselves into a dark corner, there are no physical solutions to psychological and spiritual problems. All change comes from within


  7. Dear Johnson you are right, blood is blood and to me it is always disgusting. It carries the worst disease if infected. I don’t need your poor attempt to justify the insane and childish behaviour of this bunch of mad feminazi.


  8. Menstruation is a bodily function. Without it, a woman would not be able to procreate. There is nothing shameful about it, but it remains a private matter. The women who had these “menstrual” pictures taken with the misguided intention to shock, don’t prove anything to the world, except perhaps that they are sorely lacking in self-respect and dignity. This does not serve the cause of women at all.


  9. Menstrual blood is not even close to the same as blood from a cut or nosebleed. How can anyone possibly think it is? It is not just blood, it’s actually a waste product, like urine or feces, that our body needs to discard. It contains bacteria, mucus, and many other “ingredients” not found in the blood pumping through our veins. It’s decaying, dying and rotting, that’s why it has an odor. I’m totally grossed out that any woman would want to put it on her lips, or paint with it, or use it as fertilizer, or even worse, allow it to run down her legs or stain her clothes to make a statement. Yes, it’s a normal bodily function that nearly all women deal with on a regular basis, but it doesn’t need a publicity campaign for awareness. Personally, I’ll be happy when mine is gone for good. Until that time, I will keep it private. Thanks and have a great day!


  10. Ok, you really need to warn us before showing a totally un-censored video of disgusting dog-like females trying to pee like men. Please!


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