10 Ways to prevent pregnancy for feminists

Feminists often don’t like pregancy because it “oppression”. No problem. You can save a kid from having a feminist mother. There are TEN ways to avoid pregnancy and some of them were created by men. Feminists probably don’t know that because they are so stupid. Probably they are talking about rape in TV series, showing her tits somewhere and escaping from the real life. Anyway, we are going to help them.

0- Not being drunk and being  a responsable adult , choosing a responsable partner (good man) and not the first drunk man that you find Friday night for  one night stand and does not know your name.

1- Condoms

2- Female condoms


4-Birth control pills

5-Other hormonal devices (birth control shot, birth control patch, birth control ring, birth control implant)

6-Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

7-Abstinence (Remember, you are a feminist, a super woman, a modern person and all men are terrible  oppressors. You don’t need them, right?)

8-Fertility awareness (Also called natural family planning)

9-Female sterilization

So simple, isn’ it?

Your feminist assassin desire and your  lack of responsibility are not excuses to kill a new life.


One thought on “10 Ways to prevent pregnancy for feminists

  1. What are you on about?
    Wanting choice does not mean you don’t want children.
    I would personally get an abortion – even if I was raped (I know this because I was and I didn’t know if I was pregnant but was still adamant to keep the baby). But that doesn’t mean I will enforce my choice onto all women in the world?
    I am a feminist. And my feminism means to give people choice. Choice in what they wear, what they do, what they like, whether they have children, what their fav colour is – choices in their own life. It’s their lives – not yours. So only they can make the right choice for themselves.
    And if you do believe in God (I do) then understand that humans were given free will – you cannot play God and enforce people otherwise. It’s important to focus on your own sins rather than assuming what other people’s sins are.


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