Historical facts about the violence and terror perpetrated by feminists of the first wave


sufragettes terroristssufragettes terrorists 2

How many times we read: “feminism is a peaceful movement. Equality. Peace and love.  No borders. Freddom.”

Feminists can tell you that but this has not been the truth since the first wave.

Some more historical facts about the violence and terror perpetrated by feminists of the first wave are coming to light everyday. From Annie Bell to Emmeline Pankhurst we can learn more about the criminal movement called feminism.

Let’s talk about Annie Bell.

Anine Bell was a first wave feminist  arrested for trying to bomb two churches in 1914 and during her trial she says that next time she will bomb the courtroom. She then states that she has been sent to prison about ten times but has never served a sentence.

Look this another one…

What’s about domestic violence?

Emmeline Pankhurs, the wealthy leader of the British suffragette was also a criminal.

This is the movement that tell us is so peaceful and loving.

It is universally acknowledged by historians that the suffragettes engaged in numerous terrorist acts, including attempted murder. One such case was the attempt on the life of Sir Henry Curtis Bennett, the chief magistrate for Bow Street who had tried Emmeline Pankhurst, as well as other leading feminists, for acts of terrorism such as setting fire to property and assaulting police officers. The story is recounted below by the Montreal Gazette published on June 04, 2013, and also describes the recent burning by suffragettes of Eaton Boats intended for the Royal Henley Regatta.

The following is a transcript from a London Evening Standard article on the same story :

The occasion of the tragic death of Sir Henry Curtis Bennett, the chief magistrate at Bow Street, has brought to light a sensational story of a daring attempt on his life by suffragettes.
Two women made a determined effort to push him over some steep cliffs at Margate. There were obvious reasons for not publishing the facts during the lifetime of the late chief magistrate, but the narrative was given in detail yesterday to a Standard representative by Mr Harry Wilson, one of the solicitors at Bow Street. The dastardly attack, which would seem incredible, but that it is recorded on the best authority, was made on Sir Henry when he was staying at Margate last summer, after the convictions following on the window-smashing raid in the West-end.
The adventure, which might easily have ended in tragedy, was told by Sir Henry to Mr Wilson. It was before the late chief magistrate had had any occasion to be attended by police officers wherever he went. As a matter of fact, this incident compelled him to seek that protection, and ever since detectives had always been in the vicinity to his house or had followed him when walking or driving anywhere.

‘I was walking along, enjoying the breezes on the North Down Cliffs’, Sir Henry related the day after the outrage, ‘when suddenly a woman sprang up from a steep slope, and, seizing me by the leg, sent me staggering backwards. Just then another woman caught me by the shoulders and tried to push me over – a sheer drop of about 100ft. It was very good luck, however, to swing round and drop on the ground face downwards. I slipped down several yards, and when I managed to climb up to the top of the slope again the women had disappeared. It was a terrible experience, and I have had the attendance of Scotland Yard men ever since.’

Lies, lies and lies. This is the truth about feminism.

Yet, we suppost to believe and buy the feminist lies about “all men are evil” and the oppressing patriarchy that has only one goal in life namely destroying these and all women in general.

It is time to expose feminists.

Wake up, people.


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