Is James Bond a sexist and misogynist pig? We don’t think so

Feminists often are fussing about FICTIONAL CHARACTERS in movies and TV series getting raped off camera and fake rape accusations. If feminists don’ like a movie character like James Bond they will call him a “a sexist and misogynist pig”.

Watching films is pretty funny and we like to talk about the real life and not a fictional chracter. But regarding 007 there is a thing similar to real life: Feminists always “forget” women and they are never guilty while the macho man does the dirty work. Let’s have a look:


James Bond works for M. The character is the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service. M can be a man or a woman and always is a powerful person that controls 007. M knowns Bond is a total womanizer and she does’t care because Bond use it to finish his missions. Sometimes she tells him to seduce women.

Bond is a patriot that protects the British interests around the World and the Majesty. Who leads the UK? Who is this amazing and powerful person? THE QUEEN. Oppressed?  No, no, definitely not.


James Bond is a spy. A spy is a person engaged in espionage, obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential. Spies are used often in wars and there are male spies and female spies. Both can kill, both can be manipulative, both can be dangerous. Both can use use sex to get what they want. Both are not innocent.

Feminists don’t see that and art imitates life. Feminsts blame a a fictional chracter for everything.


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