Facts about the Syrian Refugee Crisis and feminism.

A few pieces on the Syrian refugee crisis have been published by feminists in the last month. Feminists are supporting the refugees and blaming the West (“the oppressor” in their point of view) as we expected. They are using the Class conflict again. Men, white people, heterosexuals and the West are the “oppressors” in their psycho minds. Women, non white people, homosexual and non West cultures are the “oppressed”. This strategy has been used for them for more than 100 years.

They also want to protect refugee women. Well, they don’t care about men. Men have to fight against ISIS while feminists are fighting here showing their boobs and showing their periods.

Some feminists and people that live in Fantasyland go further. They want to open the borders for everyone because the West is “guilty”. It is just about utopia, choices and freedom in their minds. They are the same people that talk against superpopulation (some support abortion to avoid it) but think all people in the world should move to the UK (or Europe). Great logic, isn’t it?All these people above cited live in Fantasyland.  We should ask what are the  real facts about the Refugee Crisis.

Well, there is a crisis but some groups are using political correctness to push their agenda.  We should ask what are the  real facts about the Refugee Crisis.

A)  Think about security. Who are these people?  Where are their documents?  There are people abusing the crisis by claiming being refugees when they are NOT. It is a fact. Make your research.

B) Don’t get wrong. We are all for helping others (temporarily) but they should prove that they are real refugees. 

C) Don’t get wrong. We are all for helping others but not instead, in place or in front of our own. There are poor Western people as well in the Western world. We are also aware that British/ foreigner people can abuse the system asking for unnecessary benefits.

D) Where is the fraternity we hear so much about in Islam and Muslim nations?  What about closed Islamic countries and the very wealthy Gulf states? Why are richer and closed Arab countries not opening their borders and helping the refugees?

F)  Some of these people and feminists claim the Western world is the “terrible oppressor”? Why should we help them if we are “so bad”? Why are they escaping from their homeland (“paradise”) to the West (“the oppressor”)?

G) We are equal, right?  If we are all equal (same rights, same values, same  wealth) why are they escaping from their  homeland?

H) Some people blame the the Western world for everything.  West  does something thing in  the East and people blame the West for  interfering in their culture . West does not  and they blame the West for not helping.  NO LOGIC AT ALL.

I) We know that we are not equal and we have our values. That’s the real life and we respect diversity. But if people are moving to the West they have do be aware and respect our values. In the name of political correctness, “humanitarianism and diversity” we are welcoming into Europe huge numbers of people who don’t accept our culture and values. Furthermore, they want to push their values in OUR homeland. Some of them are completely intolerant of diversity. This is not right.

What do you think about it?

Be aware: We are not a dumb Britain First or anti-foreigners site.


2 thoughts on “Facts about the Syrian Refugee Crisis and feminism.

  1. I think this is an attack by Marxists, socialists, communists, etc, to destroy our values and what we hold dear by destroying our sense of nationalism. By blaming occidentals, they absolve their selves of responsibility. This sort of response is expected by Feminism, which proclaims white males and males in general in the west are the greatest evil of all. For shame. Where I live there are already lots of Syrian refugees, and they are living in new apartments (expensive ones) built just for them. They don’t work. They are given welfare (or SSI or whatever they call it now) by the government and they are living on our taxes. That seems fair to me (cue sarcasm). They don’t want to adapt to our culture. They want to destroy ours.
    I am not in Britain. I’m in California. All the same, the West suffers. If I say I am against it and I have, I was blasted by white feminists for expressing my opinion that we shouldn’t be forced to have these people imposed on us.

    They are going to rape the same women who protested for their presence here. That’s ironic. Feminism strikes again, chalk up another victory!


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