Disabled british commando: wife leaves him on Valentines day and wants his compensation in the divorce leaving him with only benefits to live on.

Corporal Simon Vaughan with his mother and carer Lynne Baugh outside Telford County Court today

A disabled british commando (and hero)  was left brain damaged after his vehicle was hit by a Taliban bomb in 2008.Corporal Simon Vaughan suffered a shattered pelvis, broken back and collapsed lungs in a Taliban attack in Musa Qala, Helmand, while attached to 29 Commando regiment.

His injuries from the blast in Afghanistan in December 2008 when his vehicle drove over an unexploded bomb were so severe that Army doctors were convinced he would not survive the flight home.

They had even pinned an obituary to his bag, but he survived his transfer home – where his family were told he might be in a ‘vegetative’ state for the rest of his life.

But after treatment at Birmingham’s Selly Oak Hospital, the Royal Hospital London and at Headley Court rehabilitation centre in Surrey, he made a recovery.

However Corporal Vaughan, who is from Shropshire and was said to have been once tipped by top brass for the SAS, can only communicate with an electronic aid.

Corporal Vaughan, pictured during his days serving in the Army, was seriously injured by a roadside bomb

Speaking about her husband’s condition in 2011, his wife Donna said: ‘After what he’s been through he’s still smiling, still laughing and he’s got his personality back, all the things the doctors said he would not get back.

‘They have now said that he could possibly have the potential to get back on his feet, obviously with help.’

She added that his dream was to stand in a pub with friends at a commando reunion.

He was awarded 1.1 million pounds, he spent a large portion of this on buying a specially adapted house so he could have an easier life. His wife decided to leave him on Valentines day and now wants the remainder of his compensation in the divorce leaving him with only benefits to live on.


Women Against Feminism UK: This feminazi deserves not one penny, not one of his compensation. She is a terrible woman and terrible human being.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3242702/Soldier-hurt-Helmand-goes-divorce-battle-1million-compensation.html


9 thoughts on “Disabled british commando: wife leaves him on Valentines day and wants his compensation in the divorce leaving him with only benefits to live on.

  1. I can see why she might want a cut of his compensation, but my understanding is compensations for injuries aren’t considered marital assets. That said, as she is now the primary breadwinner, is it not her responsibility to keep him in a lifestyle he is accustomed to. Should she not be paying him alimony?

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    • Too right my wife left me on the same day I injured myself at work for my closest workmate i lost my house my kids for a while and the two scumbags are still trying to take more from me


  2. no way should she have any of it she can have half of anything she brought to the marriage but no way should she have this money thats for hs care


  3. Absolutly disgusting what has she done has she been to war has she done anything for this country, what right has she got to demand money it’s not hers it’s his money, money that is his she should get a job why should he live on benefits why do she think it’s ok to take off someone else greedy bitch maybe u were only in for his money in first place make me sick how someone can treat their partner like that


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