Special forces soldier uses a GoPro camera to prove wife’s abuse

The soldier, identified only as Michael, took to wearing the GoPro on his body during his encounters with his wife

Soldier uses GoPro to prove wife's domestic abuse

Domestic abuse has no sex, it has no socio-economic status, it has no education level (or lack  of)) . Domestic abuse goes across all boundaries.  Erin Pizzey (British woman against feminism) told us that. It is logic and it is clear. But feminists don’t talk about it. In their crazy minds “men are bad, women are perfect”. Further information about this myth here, here and here

This feminist myth is NOT REAL.

A former US Army Ranger (special forces) from Florida has strapped a GoPro camera to his belt to catch his estranged wife forcibly grabbing his genitals during a contentious custody handover.

‘This is just one of many instances where I’ve had to use the camera to either prove her guilt or prove my innocence and that’s the only reason I am carrying it,’ the solider, identified only as ‘Michael,’ told the station 10News.

Michael, a resident of Pinellas County, has been locked in a drawn-out custody battle with his spouse, 37-year-old Corinne Novak, over their 2-year-old twin boys. The couple are also in the process of getting a divorce.

The husband has accused Novak of domestic violence, and in order to prove his claim he took to tying a small camera to his belt using a parachute cord during his encounters with her.

Michael’s GoPro was rolling when he met his wife last Thursday to exchange custody of their sons.

The video, obtained by 10News, opens with the retired solider reaching into the back of his car to unbuckle one of his sons. Suddenly, he lets out a scream and jerks his body back.

Upon closer inspection, the blurry footage shows what appears to be Corinne Novak’s hand in the bottom right corner grabbing her estranged husband’s testicles.

Novak is then heard off camera yelling at Michael: ‘call the police. I’m gonna tell them that you just assaulted me.’

When Michael shared the video documenting his alleged assault with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, it was enough to have Corinne Novak arrested on a domestic battery charge.

Behind bars: Corinne Novak, 37, was arrested after her husband shared his GoPro video with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office 

Women against feminism UK:

We  hope they throw her in jail and allow those children to have a home where they will be cared for.

Well, It is time to expose feminists and this myth about domestic violence  . You can be a tough special forces soldier but the enemy can be your weak wife. Muscles and toughness are useless when a false image has beeb created by society.  The true is  that strong people can be victims and weak people can be aggressors too.

You can ask: A tough  special forces soldier trained to defend the Nation against the worst of enemies is a ‘victim of domestic violence’ by his wife?

We can answer you that. Yes. He is. Domestic abuse has no sex. We should be intolerant of all domestic violence, help and protect all REAL victims and punish all REAL perpetrators. Regardless of sex or age. We just need the legal system, the law enforcement agencies, and the government to get on board. But feminists don’t want that.  The domestic violence myth is money for them.

This soldier has learnt what asymmetric warfare means inside his own home. It is not about power and muscles. Public opinion, propaganda, victimhood and political correctness are often used by feminists and  marxist movements as guerrillas (same agenda/ same tactics) to achieve their goals in this battle for money and power.

This soldier should have learnt that. His wive did but fortunately he has recorded  the real story.

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Source 2:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3244792/Soldier-uses-GoPro-camera-prove-estranged-wife-s-abuse-catches-grabbing-genitals-custody-handover.html


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