Feminist sisterhood: feminist political ideology, champagne socialist celebrities and the feminist looks like t shirt

milband clegg feminist lool like t shirt

Feminists love to tell us  lies.

The most popular feminist lie is that feminism is “justice, equality, respect, justice”. They guess in their stupid minds that feminism is that dumb dictionary definition. They think they are “angels”.

We know the dictionary is not the real life.

Last year some left politicians and  champagne socialist celebrities acted to promove the feminist sisterhood. Remember, feminism has been a marxist moviment since the women’s suffrage. The first suffragettes were champagne socialist. 

T-shirts were worn by Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Harriet Harman celebrating feminism. Champagne socialist celebrities pictured in the t-shirts include Benedict Cumberbatch, Tinie Tempah and Eddie Izzard.

Posting a picture of herself in the T-shirt Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour party, wrote on Twitter: “This is what a feminist will look like at Prime Minister’s Questions today @ELLEUK @fawcettsociety #ellefeminism”

The true was exposed some days later.

Feminist T-shirts,  which carry the slogan “This is what a feminist looks like”,  touted by healthy  political figures from Ed Miliband to Nick Clegg  and champagne socialist have been made by women earning just 62p per hour.

Female workers in Mauritius are said to be toiling in conditions described as closely akin to sweatshops to make the garments, and are reportedly being made to sleep in cramped dormitories with up to 15 others. Labourers in factories on the Indian Ocean island are allegedly being paid a quarter of the Mauritian national minimum wage to create the clothing, earning 6,000 rupees – the equivalent of £120 – a month.

One factory worker says the women sleep 16 to a room and work 45 hour weeks earning the equivalent of just £120 a month.

The t-shirts retail in the UK at £45 and cost £9 to make.

One factory worker told the Mail On Sunday: “We do NOT see ourselves as feminists. We see ourselves as trapped.”

It comes as Harriet Harman appeared on the front bench of Prime Minister’s Questions wearing the controversial shirt.

David Cameron has come under further pressure to wear one but has so far refused to wear the shirt.


Women Against feminism UK:  All these celebrities are champagne socialists and use women as puppets. That’s the true.

A dictionary definition is not the real life.



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