Sweat Shaming: the new feminist madness

Feminists think our society has a ridiculously sexist view of sweating.

Yes. Sweating.

They think  we  are oppressed because we can’t w sweat. (WTF??) They are talking about this insanity now because a feminazi ran 12 miles, went to have some coffe at Starbucks(yes, she did not have a shower) and another woman asked her some questions about her hygiene. The esquizofrenic feminazi got mad and has created another feminist expression now: Sweat-shaming (when someone points out your sweatiness as a way to signal disapproval). Feminist think that sweat-shaming, like its counterparts, slut-shaming and fat-shaming, are “oppressing” women. As usual, feminists have created this rubbish expression and now want to save the world.

Women against feminism UK: How sensitive do you have to be that sweating becomes an issue? Feminists, you are insane. Sweat Shaming? Slut-Shaming? Fat-Shaming? Robot Sex? Political Correctness? Period Shaming?

What is wrong with feminists? More women are coming to realise that the shit# that feminism espouses is just utter garbage and by feminism claiming to speak on behalf of all women, it is making women look weak, incapable, pathetic and delicate little flowers that can barely function in the big scary world. Feminists are esquizofrenic.  This is not new.

This is why no intelligent person takes feminism seriously: Because this is all they have to bitch about.

See more here and here


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