Feminist “equality”: Women’s charities refuse providing services to male victims


Feminist activists stormed the red carpet at the Suffragette premiere. What’s the fact behind this protest?

The new Gender Equality Duty, created under The Equality Act 2006, requires that ‘public bodies must promote and take action to bring about gender equality, which involves: looking at issues for men and women’We, women against feminism UK, don’t like the work equality because equality may not be synonyms with justice  and a good life style. JUSTICE should be the right word in this case.

But, let’s continue……

Feminists were protesting because their funding was cut because the women’s charities (Read feminists) were told that they must start providing services to male victims of DV under equality laws (The Equality Act 2006)  or have their funding cut. The feminists refused, and their funding was cut. All the feminists had to do was provide services equally to men, which they shouldn’t have had a problem with, considering they are “all about equality” and all, but they refused.

That’s the feminist equality: MEN are OUT. Women against the feminst agenda are OUT.

If you understand feminism and you have studied about feminism you know they’ll probably close the charity rather than help men and boys.

That’s the feminist agenda. Short and simple.

That’s the true feminist “equality”. That’s the feminist “justice”. That’s the feminism “for everyone” lie.

Erin Pizzey has explained how feminists manipulate the government to get millions of pounds in funding.  That’s why feminists love the Nanny state. It is not about justice. It is all about the feminist agenda and money.  The video is here.

Read more here and here.


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