Paris attacks and respect x annoying people and SJW

Unprecedented attacks at multiple sites in the French capital Paris killed at least 129 people.  Unfortunately, terrorists did it again.  The Paris attacks have outraged the world. But, sadly, they will not have surprised the French authorities. People in sign of respect  are using  French flags on Facebook.  Respect for freedom, respect for Western values, respect for innocent victims.

But annoying people and social justice warriors did not like it. Some annoying people and SJW posted on Facebook:

– Iam not French; ISIS killed  russians as well; ISIS killed nigerians; What’s about a  Kenyan flag?; I can’t change my photo profile on Facebook everyday; It is my FB page and you can judge my actions;…. ( choose a SJW argument).

Paris Attacks lack of respect SJW

Well, we have  sympathy for all the people involved in all incidents. The point about Paris is that this city is closer to our home, the UK. It is Western world. We share the same values. We think about the world but what you fell close you will fell stronger. It is so simple. People will not change the world when changing their Facebook’s profile. We know that.  It is just a symbol.

We don’t share the same communist values with Russia. We don’t share Muslim values with Iraq? Why? Our history is different whatever you want or not. History plays an important ruole in our lives.  We have empathy. We need empathy but you can’t fight facts about different cultures and different values.

Thus, show some respect and let people manage their lives and their Facebook pages. If you don’t like it, great. It is your opinion, keep it for you.

Remember,  your safe space is the Western democracy you live in whatever you like or not. It provides you freedom to speak your mind, however empty that may be sometimes. If you don’t like it, move to Cuba, China, Afghanistan or North Korea.

Show some respect. That’s it.


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