Never hit a girl? Female bully forces smaller school boy to defend himself

Female bully forces smaller school boy to defend himself selfdefense

This boy, like many, was probably told it is never okay to hit a woman (political correctness???). We can only assume he began to question that rule while being beaten up and down the hallway by his school bully ( a girl). Watch here .

With no one jumping in to help protect him he turns his back, tries to push the female bully away and does everything he can trying to stop the assault.

A crowd of students surround and watch in shock as the much larger girl bullies and beats down the young boy. She throws strikes, grabs and then begins to gouge at the boy’s face once in the clinch position, doing anything she can to harm him.

With his back to her, he grabs a hold of one of her arms just trying to hold on for dear life to survive the relentless attack put on him. Being much bigger she is easily able to whip him away from her forcing him to release her arm.

The bully (girl)  keeps chasing, smacking and embarrassing the victim (the boy) until she forces what happens next upon herself.

Freeing himself one final time from the range of her strikes, the bullied student steps back and squares up.

With all of his might he throws one devastating punch that puts an end to it all. Before he even realizes his female bully has stopped, he has already turned his back and begun walking away.

The bully covers her face, grabs her nose momentarily and then after having a delayed reaction, almost as if it was out of shock, falls to the floor unconscious.

There are few things in this world that bum me out more than violence against women but, in this case in particular it is hard to feel bad.

If she had just left the poor boy alone none of this would of happened.

Be aware: The world is not all “peace and love”. Violence is real and self defence is not a crime. It is a right. It is justice.


2 thoughts on “Never hit a girl? Female bully forces smaller school boy to defend himself

  1. Few things in this world that burn me more than violence against women? You’re part of the problem. It’s PEOPLE and women are just as violent as men. So in your world, it’s OK for violence against men. That doesn’t burn you just as much as violence against women?


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