Feminist Julie Bindel is worried about freedom of speech? Why if feminists love censorship?

milo-yiannopoulos julie bindel

Julie Bindel had a video posted on The Guardian Facebook page talking against censorship and playing the victim card . This is ironic on top of it that The Guardian practices censorship in its articles. Furthermore, feminists love censorship when somebody is talking against feminism.

Do you know Milo Yiannopoulos?  Milo has been censored by feminists for a while. Check is Facebook page here. He supports freedom of speech. Milo suggests campuses are becoming intolerant because feminists.


Feminists respond by rubbing paint on their faces & screaming (“No Milo here, I am oppressed,….”). They are so stupid that they literally proved his point. They are not open to new ideas and logic (oppressive in the feminist point of view LoL),  and so shout and walk away instead of listening to opposing opinions to actually have a civil debate. They know they have no ground to stand on, so they silence your logic and leave out of desire to remain ignorant. Full article below.


This is so funny at the same time….

Julie Bindel has been attacked for feminists and SJW that are against her ideas. Yes, feminists and SJW censored a feminist. Ironic, isn’t it?

What’s happening, is that social justice warriors have infiltrated feminism; but because many of feminism’s beliefs are radical we’re seeing it being divided. You have the equity feminists, believing in true equality for everyone, the ones that don’t say we live in a patriarchy and talk about white privilege and all that. You have the gender feminists, the ones claiming “rape culture” and “systemic gendered violence”. And then you have the rad-fems, claiming men are inherently evil and that a woman could never rape a man (see mary koss).

This is an interesting time to be in, because these people are eating each other.


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