British Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament laughs at Human Rights

Jess Phillips

Jessica Rose Phillips is a British Labour Party politician who became the Member of Parliament. She is an insane feminist and  worked as a business development manager at a domestic and sexual abuse charity (How many families have been destroyed by this “lady”???). She thinks men are  guilty of everything and she hates Erin Pizzey.

Well, it is time to expose these  politicians paid with our money for doing nothing.

Jessica Rose Phillips is an evil and manipulative feminist (all feminists are) and during this debate at the backbench business committee, Philip Davies proposes a debate on national mens day  Jess Philips laughs, because as a feminist, SHE DOES NOT CARE.

Watch the debate here

Shame on you, evil feminist Jessica Rose Phillips . How unprofessional of you.

You don’t think about our sons and grandsons. You don’t think about fathers and grandfathers. You are an evil human being as all feminists.

Some stupid people write that feminism is about equality and peace. IT IS A LIE. Feminism is NOT about equality in the real life when feminists must act. Feminsm is not about justice. Feminism is about an evil movement with a terrible agenda. Proof that feminists have no intention whatsoever of achieving “equality”, they want supremacy. Nothing else will suffice.

Men have issues and women have issues but feminists turn a blind eye to men. That’s the feminist modus operandi. This feminist Member of Parliament should learn some lessons with Erin Pizzey about men issues and domestic and sexual abuse. Jessica Rose Phillips has been paid with our money for doing nothing.


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