British mom and her son are in a sexual relationship: Feminists from second wave wanted it.


We live in a day where teen magazines attempt to normalize falling in love with your brother. Outlets are trying to normalize pedophilia. Grown men are trying on wedding dresses, some individuals are turning themselves into dragons and others are raising their cats gender neutral. Society expects us to treat those behaviors as normal. Who’s to say that this isn’t next?

Well,the feminist Shulamith Firestone from 2nd wave wrote:  The incest taboo can be destroyed only by destroying the nuclear family as the primary institution of the culture. (Her words, her book The Dialectics of Sex). We told you before the problem is not just about the 3rd wave of feminism. Furthermore, in 2016, this feminist is extreme admirated by The Guardian journalists. Full article here

Well, the worst has happened.

According to this, a British mom and her son have gone into hiding, because they’re in a sexual relationship and don’t want to end up in the slammer. By the way, these people live in the USA. The mother and son plan to get married and have a baby.

We receive some messages from stupid moral relativists here. It is always the same:  “Don’t judge. It is not affecting me so I don’t care.” Well, we do judge and it is destroying society. Moral relativism is a tool ofted used by feminists. Some people have not realized it yet. The whole “peace and love and don’t judge “argument is perversity masked as a great thing. It is becoming the new norm in our society, and it’s sickening. Just because a vocal minority of sickies think this type of thing this is okay doesn’t make it right. If nothing is wrong what’s next?

This woman and her son are NOT RIGHT. This is so WRONG and feminists have been supporting it since the SECOND WAVE.

Remember the good old days when the mentally ill could be cared for in mental hospitals instead of getting the rest of the world to agree that it was normal to be crazy. Mental hospitals are the right places to feminists.

Wake up.


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