Discrimination, dress code control and body-shaming are myths: Feminists got it wrong

dress-code women against feminism uk

Feminists journalists and bloggers are currently writing about the world being “so bad and oppressive for women”. Their focus now is on discrimination about what women are wearing and body shaming.

They have also created the term sweat shaming. Yes, we know. It is stupid but remember that feminists are insane.

Keeping it short and simple: some private places have got to dress codes and some stupid and weak women are offended because they want to wear whatever they want. We agree that some dress codes are exaggerated and old fashion. But if you are not happy with the answer  is simple: don’t go to theses places. They are private and the owners have got the right to do whatever they want with their property/ business.

There are some places where women are discriminated but it is not here (Western Civilization).

But you will say: “Men don’t need to follow these rules. They are oppressors”.

Sorry, but it is wrong. If you traveled and worked with some men they have got to follow dress codes as well.

People have to folow dress codes.

Children follow dress codes.

So, you are not alone. That’s our society. If you don’t want to follow basic rules, create your society or live like a savage in the middle of nowhere. Well, some feminists don’t like to use tampons and they are doing some stupid things. Follow some basic rules or follow the stupid and utopists feminists.

Choose your side, ok?

Now, let’s talk about discrimination ….

What’s about a ladies only gym ?


What’s about women-only passenger cars?  Railway or subway cars intended for women only.

To sum up, stop to be a cry baby.  Deal with it.


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