Domestic Violence: Amber Heard, her ex-girlfriend and Johnny Depp


Amber Heard recently made allegations of domestic abuse against Johnny Depp and the feminists went crazy. Investigations are underway

However, according to one report, she’s also been on the opposite side of the situation in the past. You can read more here.

She was arrested in 2009 after striking her then-girlfriend, Tasya van Ree, at an airport. Well, domestic violence is more common between lesbian couples (there are good studies about it). Far more common than gay or hetero couples.

But the big question is: Where were the feminists? They remained in silence.

What we can see here (Amber Heard x Johnny Depp) it is an ex-couple attacking each other and it is very hard to know the truth. But the reaction to this case is further from “equality”. Feminists think Johnny Depp is a bad boy and criminal. Amber Heard a “poor “victim. They won’t talk at all about when Amber Heard attacked her ex-girlfriend.

Feminist double standards.

The fact is: Domestic violence is an awful thing, no matter who does it to whom. Erin Pizzey knows that and so do you if you have been reading about this subject. Read more here.

Unfortunately, feminists think men are always the attackers and women are always the victims. This is the biggest lie ever.


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