How feminism is destroying martial arts, MMA and BJJ philosophy


Equality? The danger of teaching Jiu Jitsu for some women and “just girls BJJ seminars”

A Brazilian master in BJJ once told me about no matter your color, race or gender on the mat. What does matter is what you know and show on the mat. I firmly believe in that.

You can see amazing fighters in different sizes and bodies and you should show some respect and learn from them. I don’t like the world equality. I prefer to use justice, common sense and meritocracy. I respect everyone.

First, some points and jiu jitsu history:

Helio Gracie and Carlos Gracie were men. They were small guys who created an amazing system. They did not play the victim card “That guy is stronger than myself”. So didn’t Jigoro Kano (great Judo master).

They started to teach Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Carlson Gracie (a man) started to teach Jiu Jitsu for people outside the Gracie family. People rolled on the mat and learned with each other without divisions: simple. Of course, Jiu Jitsu is meritocracy (martial arts should be), thus, the best were the best. If you wanted to be part of them, you had to improve your skills, change belts and so on.
Now days political correctness is destroying BJJ and Judo. I have just read this article from the UK (below) about gender equality in BJJ. This is disgusting. A political agenda is targeting our art.
Jiu jitsu is for everyone, but there is not equality because we ARE NOT EQUAL. A black belt is a black belt and a white belt is a white belt. Your skills can put in the front, but people have got different sizes and weights. Jiu Jitsu is not a barbarian art where you can put women white belts with 50 kg fighting black belts with 110 kg. There is space for everyone, but we ARE NOT EQUAL.
Furthermore, I want to talk about this girl power stuff in Jiu Jitsu or adds/videos where men are the evil and women are the victim using Jiu Jitsu to choke guys. This is stupid and this is against Jiu Jitsu philosophy. Improve your skills and stay in silence. Feminist women are a danger to our sport because they want special rights now. Feminists are destroying our loved art with political correctness and some manginas black belts are letting it happens.
These women (not all women, all right?) they can tell you about Gender Equality like this association in the UK but:
1-They want just girls BJJ seminars/ just girls training session (if we are equal because you want training just between girls?)
2-Could you imagine how feminists would react with people telling BJJ seminars/ just men training session? By the way, men don’t do that. Normally the mat is really open to everyone.
3-They can tell you about Gender Equality but is common sense that men are stronger physically than women (this is the rule and not the exception). Here we have two situations which happen often when you are teaching:
A-If a strong guy with a similar level roll hard with a girl probably she will blame him because he was harsh with her and “she is just a girl”.
B-If the guy is more technical and goes soft with her, she will blame the guy because he was so gentle.
Black belts, don’t leave feminists learn jiu jitsu. They are a cancer.
I have been teaching Jiu Jitsu for more than 30 years and it is always the same. It is time to expose this fact, Jiu Jitsu community.

Terrible agenda in the UK  envolving Jiu Jitsu

Original article here


Women against feminism UK: No news here if you have studied  feminism. Where there is feminism, there is conflict, jealousy, penis envy, dissimulation and destruction. It can be in music, sports and in martial arts.


2 thoughts on “How feminism is destroying martial arts, MMA and BJJ philosophy

  1. The only reason I look at woman in the ring is because the woman are wearing shorts. I am not attracted to them punching each other… So
    Sorry I just cant take this seriously at all. I am not trying to be offensive here but I cannot see what type of male would date a combatant female? Is he someone who likes being “dominated” i.e. over feminized ? Or do woman “fighters” prefer a male who is twenty times more macho than they are Like that Travis brown fellow and Rousey ? Please let me know I cannot see how miss world and mister universe fit into the one body?? Yesterday I imagined holly holm as Rambo in Rambo 1 and I laughed my head off.. Please don’t be offended I just don’t get it. A man HAS TO FIGHT a woman does not that is Dna no choice..
    Trust me if you were a male there will be nothing but combat and 98% of it will be mental. So I don’t see why you choose a hard chair instead of a soft chair? Please enlighten me. How can woman’s combat be anything but Feminism? Lets imagine a Bruce lee movie the woman pushes Bruce aside hey I will kick his ass for you” ?? Result no movie.
    Huh… You will say I want you next to the sink washing dishes all day. But what if I say I only want a woman who takes me away from the combative day to day existence? Why would I want to look over at someone reminding me of what I am trying to evade (more Fighting)? 1 and 1 is three I guess in this case. Nah its 2.


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