Feminist equality: Burkini banned in France (Dubai rules vs Nice)

burkini france ban

French mayors have banned the burkini (This is a burkini, picture above) in France. Police told to Muslim women to take off their burkini on a boiling hot South of France beach. Several French mayors have reportedly maintained their bans despite Friday’s ruling concerning the town of Villeneuve-Loubet, near Nice.

Feminists and SJWs went crazy as usual. Crazy theories have been created since. The BBC, Yahoo and left wing journalists from the UK attacked French mayors and French police. It is not “equality and it is not fair”.

Image result for Yasmin Alibhai-Brown feminist

Feminists as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown attacked the Western culture because is “racist and intolerant”.  The patriarchy created by “evil men is assaulting poor women again, right? We have to respect Muslims and their cultural differences”. That’s their arguments. The feminist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and a burkini designer were TV interviewed to promote their agenda (off course). Let’s focus here: Two Mulsim women were TV interviewed  and promoted their agenda in the UK (West).

We read some feminist articles and they are saying “Wear whatever you want”. Well, if a woman it is against feminism and works as a fitness model (wearing tight clothes), this woman will be bullied by feminists. Furthermore, about the “Wear whatever you want” slogan, feminists should  promote it in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan where women are second class citizens but what feminists are doing today? Promoting the Islam.

BUT We have got a simple question: Have you ever been to Dubai?

Well, let’us tell you something:  Whether you are visiting Dubai on holiday or in the process of relocating as an expatriate one of the first questions on everyone’s mind is what are the rules. YES. There are rules and we, people from West, have to follow it to “respect their culture”. Some you can read below and here:

Homosexuality: Homosexual acts are illegal and subject to severe punishment.

Swimwear: Wearing bathers outside the beach is against Dubai’s decent laws and swimsuits in general should be modest. Nudity at beaches is illegal.

Drinking: Drinking or being drunk in public is not tolerated and the legal drinking age is 21. you should only drink in a hotel.

Public displays of affection: Holding hands, kissing or gets cosy with your other half could lead to arrest and imprisonment.

Sex outside marriage: Sex between those who are not married is illegal and can lead to severe criminal sanctions.

You don’t see Christians or secularists from the West in their TV promoting drinking and public displays of affection. In fact, they won’t allow people doing it at all. If Dubai is one of the most “liberal” muslim places, you can imagine the worst one.

That’s a strange kind of equality, isn’ it? They have got their habits and rules and we have to follow. We have got our habits and rules and they talk in our TV about “equality”?

Are Muslims more equal then us, feminists? What do you think, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown? We don’t understand: If the the UK is an “oppreesive place” why are still living here, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a typical feminist hypocrite who must be exposed. Her lack of coherence shows what feminism is: a hypocrite movement formed by SJWs and sad women.

Yasmin tried to get more secularist support telling that nuns are also using clothes when go to the beach. Well, there is a massive difference here:

1- Nuns are part of Christianity (one of the bases of Western culture, like you or not). We would like to ask: Will muslims allow nuns in their beaches?

2-We don’t see Nuns and Christians doing terrorist attacks in 2016. Muslims do it. What the French police are doing is articulating what the French are thinking – which is about establishing whose is the dominant culture and who should accommodate whom. Following the recent series of brutal terrorist attacks, it is clear their response.

The French have had enough. That’s it.


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