Is Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Line exploiting female workers? Where is the feminist Beyonce?


Beyonce’s activewear line Ivy Park is being accused of of labor abuse at their MAS holdings factories in Sri Lanka today. The mostly female workers aren’t earning enough money to survive. The irony is that the Ivy Park brand promotes independence and empowerment for women, something that the workers can’t possibly achieve on $116 – $136 per month.  The mostly female workers earn 4.30 pounds a day, or $6.17, and could never afford to buy a pair of Ivy Park leggings, which can cost 100 pounds, $144.

Alongside the low pay, workers must endure horrendous treatment. According to Jakub Sobik of UK charity Anti-Slavery International, the workers who reside on the premises are locked into their living spaces at night. They must abide by curfews, and keep movement to a minimum.

Wait. Beyonce? The feminist Beyonce?

#Beyonce, the #feminist and #blackactivist
Beyonce, the black activist who dyes her own hair and skin.
Beyonce, the feminist who hates beauty dictatorship, but is so neurotic that makes sure to select all her photos because she does not support naturalness.
Beyonce, the feminist who hates women’s bodies being objectified, but is the first “singer” ready to show her buttocks. The first one to sing woman are bitches as does her husband
Beyonce, the socialist who hates #capitalism, but ear millions thanks to capitalism and the free market.
Beyonce, the #SJW who hates the police and guns, but has got armed bodyguards and police officers to protect her from the normal people.

Beyonce, #socialist champagne, feminist and #hypocrite


These reports are alarming, but they’re not uncommon in the fast fashion industry (mainly controled by women and gays). In Bangladesh, factory fires have killed hundreds of workers. In 2013, laborers voiced concern over dangerous cracks in the building walls at Rana Plaza factory, and were forced into work anyway. The building collapsed, causing 1,137 confirmed deaths.

After years of sweeping horrific labor practices under the rug, the media is finally starting to wake up. Several outlets are investigating the unjust treatment of factory workers in third world countries.

The company denied claims of any wrongdoing, but more news surfaced about the working conditions at their Sri Lankan factory.

Sources: Teenvogue


One thought on “Is Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Line exploiting female workers? Where is the feminist Beyonce?

  1. In all fairness, we shouldn’t truly attribute Beyonce as a true feminist. Like Emma Watson, Beyonce (with her good singing voice if you heard her older pieces) profits off of the products of feminist propaganda that predated Beyonce’s birth. I guarantee you if people/consumers didn’t “buy in” to the BS ideology, these products would never sell.


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