Feminist MP (Labour) Jess Phillips says all men should ban from standing in by-elections


The feminist fascist Jess Phillips returns. This crazy MP (who is naive/ stupid enough to vote for this psychopath??) once laughed at Human Rights.

But now she went further……

Labour (British left) should ban men from standing in all future by-elections until half the party’s MPs are female, women’s champion Jess Phillips MP has said. MP should be voted for having a vagina.

With female politicians the likely casualty of the upcoming boundary review according to Mrs Phillips, she will demand Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn commits to their party becoming the first in Parliament to achieve gender equality.

Her comments came as Mr Corbyn, Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin, SNP leader Angus Roberston and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron were quizzed by the cross-party Women and Equalities Committee in the Commons as part of their inquiry into how constituency changes will impact on women.

Mrs Phillips, the new chair of the women’s parliamentary Labour party and committee member, said: “I think the Labour Party has to make every seat an all women shortlist until we get equality.

Well, Jess Phillips is a horrid feminist supremacist.  A fascist feminist. She thinks gender is more important than qualification. People are more than happy to vote for men or women who have skills and qualification. The same rule should be applied to fill in work vacancies.

It is commonsense: Its not whether you are male or female that counts, its your ability to be carry out the tasks of an MP, that’s more important. Well, Margaret Thatcher a woman and one of the most influential politicians of the 20th century HATED FEMINISTS and their NANNY STATE policy.

Skills and free market. This is the best way when choosing politicians and workers. But what this terrible feminist wants (all feminists want it) is discrimination gender based and a  Nanny state ( Americans, Nanny state is a British expression, which means the government regarded as overprotective or as interfering unduly with personal choice).

That’s the  British obsession equality. And when 50% is reached, what the ____ happens? World Peace? No nothing happens. We will have terrible workers and politicians unable to deal with the real world because have been chosen due to an evil political agenda. That’s the problem with quotas for minorities. It is a Nanny state policy. The best will not do their jobs but someone else will.

This is exactly how the feminists took over Higher Education. First the demanded quota’s. When that wasnt fast enough they demanded discriminatory hiring practices, and finally resorted to outright discrimination. Once they have the law in place they never stop. There is never “enough” for these parasites.
Strangely, all these “equality policies” are selected by feminists: University gender gap reaches record high in the UK. Over 90,000 more women applied for a university course this year than men, while the number of male applicants fell.UK’s university gender gap is a national scandal. If we talk about dangerous and physical jobs, we won’t see a single feminist fighting for equality.
Some stupid people write that feminism is about equality and peace. IT IS A LIE. Feminism is NOT about equality in the real life when feminists must act. Feminism is not about justice. Feminism is about an evil movement with a terrible agenda. Proof that feminists have no intention whatsoever of achieving “equality”, they want supremacy. Nothing else will suffice.

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