Feminist agenda: Feminist politician Barbro Sörman says ‘Swedish men rape by choice, migrants rape by ignorance’



Rape is a terrible crime, right?

But it is not for feminists if the rapist is someone helped by the lefty agenda. Feminism is a lefty movement, therefore, they won’t attack a rapist if this rapist is a kind of ideological “friend”. For Liberals/ feminists/ SJWs, morality is nothing to do with individual acts; it’s entirely about what group you belong to.

Feminist will use morar relativism and the craziest excuses to protect their ideological friends.

Only in Sweden (a country obsessed with feminism, cultural-moral relativism, equality and political correctness)  you can have crazy comments like Swedish Politician Barbro Sörman made, regarding the differences between Swedish rape and migrant rape…there is no difference, rape is rape…but for this neo-liberal, rape is not all equal.

Meanwhile rape is a terrible crime, in Sweden, the feminist paradise, this Swedish feminist politician thinks that when rape is committed by Swedish men it is “worse” because of cultural differences.

Here we have a simple case of a woman trying to excuse rape by simply saying, ‘they do not know any better’. This type of logic is an extremely slippery slope once implied to other crimes.

We think rape is a terrible crime. Regardless of why they rape, the effects are still the same and the rapist should be punished the same. Sweden used to be regarded as a modern and progressive international community. Sweden is now becoming known as a home of radical Islam and radical Feminism. Credibility of this once proud nation is steadilly waning.

Breitbart has more on this story…

A feminist politician in Swedish has defended migrant rapists by arguing that when rape is committed by Swedish men it is “worse” because of cultural differences.

“The Swedish men who rape do it despite the growing gender equality. They make an active choice. It’s worse…” Tweeted Barbro Sörman of the socialist and feminist Left Party.

Mrs. Sörman, who represents a district of the capital Stockholm, was responding to what she claimed was too much media focus on the fact that the majority of rapes in Sweden are committed by immigrants.

Her deflationary argument is a good example of the cultural and moral relativism that is prominent on the left, and explicitly argued for by many postmodern academics.

If the Swedish man makes an “active choice” to rape, the implication is that the migrant rapist has little choice because of the misogynistic, violent culture he is from. His crime is not “worse” as it is excused by his culture, and there is no moral equivalence with the Western rapist.

When contacted by Sweden’s Free Times, Mrs. Sörman continued to defend this line of argument:

“Take a picture of Sweden as an equal society, where all are nurtured in equality. Then you can say that if you are brought up in it, you make an active choice to not be equal, rather than if you are brought up in a society that is not equal”, she said.

When pressed later, she backed tracked. She said the Tweets were “clumsily expressed”, adding: “I’m not saying it’s worse, of course not!”

Western feminists, who are often committed to multiculturalism, are well known for failing to confront non-western oppression of women. After the mass sex attacks by migrants in Cologne, Germany were uncovered, local feminists held a demonstration in favour of mass migration and against rapes by what they called “German-born” men.

Like Germany, Sweden has experienced several instances of mass, organised sex attacks by Muslim migrants, the latest reported just last week. The country is now informally known as the rape capital of Europe and has one of the worst rape problems in the world, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.



3 thoughts on “Feminist agenda: Feminist politician Barbro Sörman says ‘Swedish men rape by choice, migrants rape by ignorance’

  1. Let me explain the feminist agenda in the most surreal way:
    A guy walks in on his girlfriend cheating and says how could you do this!
    The girl under the covers with another guy says Were not cheating! Angrily and claims “we’re friends and just laying in bed” and “we’re not actually having sex”
    Boyfriend says okay and walks out of the room.
    5 minutes pass and the boyfriend hears moaning. Storms in and says “see I knew it you ARE cheating”
    Now with covers off the side guy is balls deep in the girlfriend and she furiously yells back – “it’s not sex because we’re not moving! His dick is just inside me because he said he was cold! And those moans? I have had a headache for hours and you have absolutely 0 sympathy. You are a pig.
    Boyfriend says okay. Walks out
    Boyfriend hears ” Fuck me harder” and I’m about to cum!, Runs in and the girl and side guy are fuckin doggy style at 100 mph.
    Dumb boyfriend yells I’ve had it! You said because you weren’t moving it wasn’t actually sex – now your moving faster than hell! and now you were moaning “Fuck Me”,those weren’t headache related!.
    The girlfriend finishes. hops off and immediately runs to her boyfriend and meets him face to face. She says – I am a woman and I deserve to do whatever I want whenever I want with whoever I want, without ANY judgement – that’s what EQUALITY is! And you can’t do shit about it – why? Because your a male and the world doesn’t and shouldn’t care about you!

    See how ass backwards it all is.


  2. But this woman, if you can call her like that, is she still in office after supporting violence against women?OMG.


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