Unbelievable: Social Justice Warriors Go Beserk Over British Army ‘Black Face’ Which Is Actually GREEN Camouflage


SJWs, feminists and all kind of idiots talking nonsense attacked the British Army.


A tweet, from the Army’s official Twitter account, said that being a soldier in the jungle “requires a robust sense of humour” and featured a picture of an officer with an amusing, surprised expression on his face.

Users of the social media (social justice warriors and feminists) site claimed the soldier’s camouflage face paint was an example of “black face” – a supposedly racist practice whereby white people dress up as ethnic minorities.


Let’s make it clear:


The posted picture of a soldier with GREEN camouflage paint on his face, camouflage used to to do some soldiering in the jungle and the SJWs and feminists think it is racism?

The British Armed Forces, tasked with the defence of the our country, are loved by the British population and respected around the world.  Some units as the SBS, SAS and Royal Marine Commandos are models for several Armies around the world.

But feminists and SJW don’t understand that. They live in fantasyland and see racism and oppression everywhere.

One angry Tweeter said the reference to humour was “clearly” related to the soldier’s face paint, with one writing: “The blackface combined with the ‘sense of humour’ line, it all comes off as pretty racist.”

The Army deleted the post in minutes and issued a swift apology.  Unbelievable.

Is the UK becoming a country obsessed with feminism, cultural-moral relativism, equality and political correctness? Is it affecting our loved British Armed Forces? We hope not.

A better response from the the Army would have been: keep the Tweet.

1. There is nothing wrong with blackface.

2. This wasn’t blackface. It was GREEN.

3. Apologizing for doing your job, when there is no offence whatsoever is the mark of craven cowards.

Once the Army has apologised for this then SJWs can move on to the next level of being offended.
That’s the way they work. Bit by bit. This is now in the bag, an apology so they can tighten the screw and be offended by something a little less next.

Remember, this started off by the banning  jokes in the 1980’s.
Look how far the cancer of PC has contaminated everything, its corrosive tentacles finding and causing hate everywhere.

The incident is just the latest in a string of controversies caused by “offensive” practice of “black face”.

In one of the more unusual examples, in March, the black actress Zoe Saldana was attacked for darkening her skin in a film where she played the black singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone.

Many universities and campuses have outlawed the practice altogether, and in August, traditional British Morris dancers were banned from painting their faces at one of the UK’s biggest folk festivals after being accused of “black face”.


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