Feminist woman lies in a feminist TV programme that she passed British special forces selection

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This is Azi Ahmed, a Muslim feminist. She first popped up on the national press (feminist TV programme Loose Women, feminist newspapers) seeking  publicity for her book and future career as a public motivational speaker.She is also trying to be a politician promoting the feminist and Islamic agenda. See below


Why is she famous? (Ok, not not so famous)

She reported that she along with “several other women” were hand picked to attempt SAS (British special forces) selection. The SAS is the world’s finest elite force.

Her words: “I was one of the first women to learn how to fight behind enemy lines. I trained with the SAS between 1999 and 2002, at a time when the idea of women on the frontline was total fantasy.”

But there something missing in her story: THE SAS DON’T ACCEPT WOMEN.

The SAS was founded in 1941 during the II World War to fight National Socialism and Fascism using Unconventional Warfare. The unit undertakes a number of roles including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action and hostage rescue. From the approximately 200 candidates, most will drop out within the first few days, and by the end about 20 will remain. Sometimes less people pass the selection.

There was a rule: women were not allowed to join the SAS. Why? Because in 1941 men wanted to protect women. Some units do accepet women and some don’t accept women. They have the right to do it. Security is a serious business and should not be affected by political correctness.

As a good feminist, Azi Ahmed blamed the “sexist”society and the British Army playing the victim card.

“A week before I was due to receive my ‘sandy beret’ – the trademark of the SAS uniform – the experiment to allow women in the SAS was canned. The Army simply wasn’t ready for women.
I was angry. I’d put myself through the toughest mental, emotional and physical challenges known to man” 

That’s how feminism works and you have probably learnt it: Men protect women, men are sexist. Men don’t protect women, men are sexist. Whatever men do, men are sexist.

This is how social justice warrior and feminists think: don’t use violence but they want to do it and normally in the worst way possible (see the leftist attack against #MiloYiannopoulos  in the USA). Feminist women want to have masculine characteristics in a simple case of penis envy but also want to emasculate men. All in the name of equality.

Feminist want to change society with crazy ideas (read it here). Now they are targeting our security and the British Army.

As if it were not enough, this disgusting feminist played the good Muslim woman card and blamed society and the British Army for intolerance against Muslims. Seriously? A person who does not believe in Western values but live in the UK, a person who blames the UK but does not talk about countries in countries in The Middle East were women are second-class citizens.

This feminist is an insult to anyone who has ever served. She should be ashamed of herself

Feminists want equality but if treated equally, complain about equality. Feminists want privileges.Whatever you find a feminist complainig about something, you see destruction of good ideas and lack of commonsense.

This obsession for equality is an old left wing mantra were enough is never enough. Left wing regimes killed millions for equality. Feminism, as a left wing movement support these regimes.

So in a nut shell…..

Azi Ahmed is a Muslim feminist. She is a liar. She needs exposing on a national level. She is disrespectful human being to all those who served. Her book is a fabrication.

This is an example of how a feminist goes too far about promoting the feminist agenda. Put her on trial in a court of law and see if she tells the same story.


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