False rape accusations: Teacher falsely accused of rape found not guilty. What will happen with the schoolgirl?


An old feminist (Catherine Comins, 2nd wave of feminism) said once:….”men who are unjustly accused can sometimes gain from the experience. ‘They have a lot of pain, but it is not a pain that I would necessarily have spared them….”

Well, a bad tree cannot bear good fruit and we can see it in 2017 after years of feminism brainwashing our children.

Rape is a serious crime and all rapists shoud be punished (both genders) severely. No mercy with  criminals. However, serious crimes should be carefully investigated.

Read the article below \/

A teacher found not guilty of raping a 14-year-old pupil has said that no man “in his right mind” should become a teacher.

Kato Harris, 38, was accused of raping and sodomising a pupil at the private girls’ school he taught at during the autumn term of 2013.

The girl alleged the attacks happened when Mr Harris invited her to join him in a classroom during lunch break.

Mr Harris, who was head of department at the London school, was cleared last year of three counts of raping a girl under the age of 16, following just 26 minutes of deliberation by the jury.

Speaking to TalkRadio today in his first broadcast interview since clearing his name, Mr Harris said that he had been left questioning why any man would possibly want to consider a career in teaching.

Mr Harris told TalkRadio: “After the ordeal I’ve been through, would I go back and make the same decision to be a teacher again? The answer is no, and the public would understand that.

“I’ve tried to explain why my case delivers a very strong message to men who are thinking about being teachers, about why that is not something they should do.

“There is a narrative now in safeguarding in schools as much as anywhere else that every male employee is viewed through the lens of being a potential pervert. Every male teacher is a potential child abuser.”

He said that male teachers are “buying a lottery ticket”, adding: “You might win a £10 prize and have a false allegation made that you called a child a rude name, or swore at a child. You might win the £1,000 prize and have a pupil suggest you inappropriately touched them while passing in corridor.

“Or you might win the jackpot and be accused of, on three separate occasions and in full view of the school, anally raping a pupil. Whatever the prize, who would want that ticket? But you can’t be a teacher without one and you have a one in five chance of winning.”

“You’ve got a one-in-five chance of ‘winning a prize’ that we know – I wouldn’t want to buy that ticket and I don’t see why any man in his right mind would want to either.”

Mr Harris said he felt no bitterness towards his accuser, instead saying he felt “genuinely sorry for her”.

He had left the school before the allegations were made against him in December 2014, and doesn’t believe the girl – who he had never taught – had a grudge against him.

In an interview last month with the Mail on Sunday, Mr Harris said he was “unemployed, living in a bedsit and will soon be on housing benefit. I am toxic.”


Women against feminism UK: Luckily, this innocent man has been found not guilty.

However, it is still tragic. This innocent man should be able to claim against schools insurance for loss of career, or sue parents of schoolgirl.  The schoogril should be jailed for few years. Yet another case that shows the prosecuted should be granted the same privacy right as victims – until they are found guilty. That would at least be some justice and help towards starting a new life. There are disappointed women who will not be satisfied until all and any relationships or communications between men and women can be defined as rape by the man. These women are supported by feminsits who think being all right unjustly accusing innocent men for the last 30 years.


One thought on “False rape accusations: Teacher falsely accused of rape found not guilty. What will happen with the schoolgirl?

  1. Until false accusers are recognized for the damage they cause the victims, and are open to liability for malicious slander, this sort of injustice will continue unabated.

    It will also continue for so long as school administrators, law enforcement officials, and the courts begin to seriously look into these allegations without bias.

    These are men’s lives and reputations at stake.

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