Feminists Journalists Spread Lies About Gal Gadot Making 46x Less Than Superman


We don’t understand why do these sickos called feminists need to politicize everything.  The film rocked and Gadot made a great Wonder Woman.
But feminists started with “No boys allowed” showings…..
Then, bitching that Gadot is not a fat, black lesbian, transgender or even having a whinge that she didn’t have poor grooming habits (no armpit hair)….
These people are miserable women affected by this left wing virus called feminism.
Well it is just turning off the fence-sitters from bothering with this film.
Can’t people just enjoy something anymore?
This is not a gender issue. Bigger star, more well known, demands a bigger salary. It’s between you, your agent, and the studio. This is simple capitalism. She will be WELL PAID in the sequel and subsequent Justice League movies! This isn’t gender pay gap for godsake… This is capitalism 101, you’re compensated based on your value!!
It’s normal pay for an unknown actress in the start up of a new movie series. Unknown male leads are paid the same, like the beautiful guy in Thor 🙂
The point is they have to prove themselves and if the franchise works well the next movie will see a significant increase, like when Signourney Weaver got $1million 30 years ago for Aliens. But gender pay gap people don’t allow for context, or even basic research in this case.
Marvel has done this with male actors too, look at Rodey/War Machine originally played by Terrence Howard (who was reportedly paid $50,000) later replaced by Don Cheadle. There was no gender/race pay divide, just negotiations, that later changed along with contracts.
She also had the option to decline. Choices people we all have choices and the power of negotiation. She’s smart. She’ll make millions off this franchise. Just like in any career, you start small and earn your way up.
What’s more amazing is SJW’s and feminists complain about corporations making too much money but then are upset when movie stars aren’t making millions of dollars for working a couple of months. Like we should feel sorry for them or something.
Likely we could live the majority of our life on $300,000.
But the main point is that this story is another lie. Feminists Journalists Spread Lies About Gal Gadot Making 46x Less Than Superman. Acutally. she made a very good deal.
  Gadot actually chose the deal with earnings surrounding the movie. Actually smart. She will be set for life just from this one movie alone. Remember when Sigourney Weaver got paid $1M for Aliens over 30 years ago? Feminists are too brain dead and lazy to even do any real research. Might explain a lot of why they suck in the paycheck department. You get what you paid for. Weaver was smart. Her contracts with the Alien franchise gave her practically $50M so far.

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