Madonna Offers Oral Sex to Anyone Who Votes For Hillary Clinton


Madonna is a feminist. So is Hillary Clinton.

So, we can expect a gross support from Madonna. Feminist helping feminist.

Madonna has never been  her sexuality, or pretty much anything else. In fact, feminists use sex to promote their agenda. Sex has become a weapon to attack women against feminism, men in general and  to promote children indoctrination. So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that she recently made a bold offer to anyone voting for her favorite presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The Material Girl took the stage prior to Amy Schumer’s standup concert at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. “One more thing before I introduce this genius of comedy,” she said, “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob, OK?”

Just in case anyone thought Madonna was joking, it sort of sounded like she wasn’t. “Swear to god,” she continued, “And I am good. I’m good. I’m not a douche and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I, uh, have a lot of eye contact. Yeah? And I do swallow.”

Madonna is the perfect example of “modern woman”: old, sad, using sex to sell, denied by her children. But the media thinks Madonna is empowered and a model example for our children.

She is nothing. Maddona is just a feminist that must be exposed.

Women without vagina? Understand what is a “Social justice warrior”.


Social justice warrior” (commonly abbreviated SJW) is a  term for an individual promoting a nonsense with strong progressive views, including feminism, world without borders-multiculturalism, and a lefty agenda.

SJW originally referred to the crazy tumblr types who would say things like “White people wearing dreadlocks is cultural appropriation”, or “I was mentally raped by a man yesterday because he looked at me in the subway”.  At the core of social justice dogma is fixation on identity and “privilege. Their feminism frets over men sitting with their legs apart on public transit, seeks dissent-free “safe spaces” and cries oppression at concern about obesity’s health risks. Their transgender advocacy demands respect for customized gender identities with personal pronouns that may change on a whim and crucifies a devoutly progressive filmmaker for a “transphobic” joke that presumes that female characters are anatomically female. Their anti-Islamophobia trashes feminist critics of conservative Islamism and victim-blames journalists murdered for publishing Mohammed cartoons.

Yes. SJWs try to protect everyone’s feelings using censorship.

Nor is any other group so preoccupied with linguistic cleansing. A discussion on a social justice forum advocates expunging from one’s vocabulary such “ableist” terms as “crazy,” “dumb” and even “depressing”; at Smith College last year, the student newspaper’s report on a panel (ironically, one dedicated to free speech) rendered “wild and crazy” as “wild and [ableist slur].” Calling somebody one’s “spirit animal” is frowned upon because it’s an “appropriation” of a concept specific to some oppressed cultures. An academic list of “microaggressions” includes asking, “Where are you from?” or complimenting a foreign-born person’s English.

Much of SJW’s passion goes into speech and culture policing directed at victimless crimes that violate their moral taboos. They are aggressive, play the victim card ((also known as playing the victim or self-victimization) and will attack everyone who is not a SJW. Free speech, logic and common sense  are not allowed when we are talking with Social justice warrior.

The modern social justice movement, or the new “political correctness,” vaulted into the spotlight last year.  Student protests swept across campuses with demands often focused on purging thoughtcrime—leading to heated debates on whether this movement is a dangerous pseudo-progressive authoritarianism or a long-overdue effort to achieve justice for all.


Feminist MP (Labour) Jess Phillips says all men should ban from standing in by-elections


The feminist fascist Jess Phillips returns. This crazy MP (who is naive/ stupid enough to vote for this psychopath??) once laughed at Human Rights.

But now she went further……

Labour (British left) should ban men from standing in all future by-elections until half the party’s MPs are female, women’s champion Jess Phillips MP has said. MP should be voted for having a vagina.

With female politicians the likely casualty of the upcoming boundary review according to Mrs Phillips, she will demand Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn commits to their party becoming the first in Parliament to achieve gender equality.

Her comments came as Mr Corbyn, Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin, SNP leader Angus Roberston and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron were quizzed by the cross-party Women and Equalities Committee in the Commons as part of their inquiry into how constituency changes will impact on women.

Mrs Phillips, the new chair of the women’s parliamentary Labour party and committee member, said: “I think the Labour Party has to make every seat an all women shortlist until we get equality.

Well, Jess Phillips is a horrid feminist supremacist.  A fascist feminist. She thinks gender is more important than qualification. People are more than happy to vote for men or women who have skills and qualification. The same rule should be applied to fill in work vacancies.

It is commonsense: Its not whether you are male or female that counts, its your ability to be carry out the tasks of an MP, that’s more important. Well, Margaret Thatcher a woman and one of the most influential politicians of the 20th century HATED FEMINISTS and their NANNY STATE policy.

Skills and free market. This is the best way when choosing politicians and workers. But what this terrible feminist wants (all feminists want it) is discrimination gender based and a  Nanny state ( Americans, Nanny state is a British expression, which means the government regarded as overprotective or as interfering unduly with personal choice).

That’s the  British obsession equality. And when 50% is reached, what the ____ happens? World Peace? No nothing happens. We will have terrible workers and politicians unable to deal with the real world because have been chosen due to an evil political agenda. That’s the problem with quotas for minorities. It is a Nanny state policy. The best will not do their jobs but someone else will.

This is exactly how the feminists took over Higher Education. First the demanded quota’s. When that wasnt fast enough they demanded discriminatory hiring practices, and finally resorted to outright discrimination. Once they have the law in place they never stop. There is never “enough” for these parasites.
Strangely, all these “equality policies” are selected by feminists: University gender gap reaches record high in the UK. Over 90,000 more women applied for a university course this year than men, while the number of male applicants fell.UK’s university gender gap is a national scandal. If we talk about dangerous and physical jobs, we won’t see a single feminist fighting for equality.
Some stupid people write that feminism is about equality and peace. IT IS A LIE. Feminism is NOT about equality in the real life when feminists must act. Feminism is not about justice. Feminism is about an evil movement with a terrible agenda. Proof that feminists have no intention whatsoever of achieving “equality”, they want supremacy. Nothing else will suffice.

Hillary Clinton, the rape enabler, helped rapist who raped 12-years-old girl


The feminist left-wing Hillary Clinton says often being “pro women and children“.  Left-wing politicians and supporters also say they are ” pro justice, social equality and egalitarianism”. Their propaganda is that they are “angels created to save us from capitalism”. Beatiful words but is it a real fact?

The answer is simple: It is a lie.

Left-wing politicians, SJW and supporters don’t fight for justice. The biggest dictators in 2016 are ALL left-wing politicians. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin killed millions  for this evil called communism and perfect world. Their words about “justice” is emotional propaganda. They also speak against money but they love money and they are snobs. Socialist champagne in British english. 

Let’s examinate another example of hypocrisy from the feminist and socialist champagne Hillary Clinton.


Kathy Shelton – is a woman who was brutally raped when she was 12-years-old. The lawyer who defended the child molester and rapist who left Shelton in a coma and helped him get away with it was none other than the feminist Hillary Clinton.

Fact is, that woman was 12 years old when she had her genitals destroyed by the plaintiff and left infertile. She was also in a coma for days and is still in therapy. Hillary argued that she was asking for it. Hillary also tampered with the evidence so that their DNA test would come up negative after the initial test was positive for the rapists DNA (the victims blood mixed with the rapists semen).

The issue is that Clinton knew the rapist – Thomas Alfred Taylor – fooled a polygraph test. Hillary is on tape admitting that Taylor fooling the lie detector test “forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.” (Hillary laughed from the victim, who was 12-years-old)

In other words, Clinton knew Taylor had raped Shelton, but defended him anyway, helped him get off with just 2 months in jail, then laughed about it.

Hillary Clinton knew that Thomas Alfred Taylor had brutally raped Kathy Shelton yet set out to smear Shelton’s character and help her rapist go free.

We understand lawyers and how they have to play dirty but you can clearly hear her laughing about the polygraph and her lack of empathy is disgusting, she’s clearly not the best advocate for women or children.

These are not the actions of a “womens’ rights champion.” These are the actions of a sociopath and a rape enabler. These are the actions of a feminist.

The rest of Hillary’s political career was shaped by her continuing to act as a rape enabler by silencing and intimidating Bill Clinton’s rape victims.

Donald Trump may have joked about women in bad taste. He is not perfect but Hillary Clinton destroyed the lives of numerous women who were victims of rapists.

Any woman who would do this to a child  is a monster. And anyone voting for her is just as gulable as the jury in this case. These are not the actions of a “womens’ rights champion.”

Is Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Line exploiting female workers? Where is the feminist Beyonce?


Beyonce’s activewear line Ivy Park is being accused of of labor abuse at their MAS holdings factories in Sri Lanka today. The mostly female workers aren’t earning enough money to survive. The irony is that the Ivy Park brand promotes independence and empowerment for women, something that the workers can’t possibly achieve on $116 – $136 per month.  The mostly female workers earn 4.30 pounds a day, or $6.17, and could never afford to buy a pair of Ivy Park leggings, which can cost 100 pounds, $144.

Alongside the low pay, workers must endure horrendous treatment. According to Jakub Sobik of UK charity Anti-Slavery International, the workers who reside on the premises are locked into their living spaces at night. They must abide by curfews, and keep movement to a minimum.

Wait. Beyonce? The feminist Beyonce?

#Beyonce, the #feminist and #blackactivist
Beyonce, the black activist who dyes her own hair and skin.
Beyonce, the feminist who hates beauty dictatorship, but is so neurotic that makes sure to select all her photos because she does not support naturalness.
Beyonce, the feminist who hates women’s bodies being objectified, but is the first “singer” ready to show her buttocks. The first one to sing woman are bitches as does her husband
Beyonce, the socialist who hates #capitalism, but ear millions thanks to capitalism and the free market.
Beyonce, the #SJW who hates the police and guns, but has got armed bodyguards and police officers to protect her from the normal people.

Beyonce, #socialist champagne, feminist and #hypocrite


These reports are alarming, but they’re not uncommon in the fast fashion industry (mainly controled by women and gays). In Bangladesh, factory fires have killed hundreds of workers. In 2013, laborers voiced concern over dangerous cracks in the building walls at Rana Plaza factory, and were forced into work anyway. The building collapsed, causing 1,137 confirmed deaths.

After years of sweeping horrific labor practices under the rug, the media is finally starting to wake up. Several outlets are investigating the unjust treatment of factory workers in third world countries.

The company denied claims of any wrongdoing, but more news surfaced about the working conditions at their Sri Lankan factory.

Sources: Teenvogue

Are reluctant men to blame for so many women being childless? Record numbers are never becoming mothers – and not by choice


This article could be called Women affected by feminism as the “singer” Taylor Swift. This is not our original article and the opinion is not endorsed by the site. There is a response (our response) at the bottom.

Read the full article below:

A kind, funny, handsome husband. A dream wedding in the little Norman church under the South Downs where she’d been raised. And then they would settle down in a ramshackle Georgian rectory in the countryside and have the beautiful babies she’d always dreamed of. She’d have at least two – hopefully more.

This was Melanie Whitehouse’s dream as she grew up. To her, it was simply unimaginable that she wouldn’t one day become a mother.

So why has Melanie, now a 57-year-old author, found herself among the ranks of women in what has been dubbed Generation Childless? These are the women who were brought up in the Sixties and Seventies on a wave of higher education, growing equality and sexual freedom.

But the cost has been high. Indeed, the latest statistics show that women in their mid-40s are almost twice as likely to be childless as their parents’ generation. One in five women born in 1969 are childless today, compared to one in nine women born in 1942.

And it’s not medical infertility that’s fuelling the rise of childlessness among these women.

Instead, they are childless by circumstance. Whether it’s down to not meeting the right man, or finding that careers absorbed all their time in their childbearing years, or simply deciding that babies wouldn’t complement their comfortable lifestyle, women are increasingly starting the menopause without having had a family.

So who are the women who make up Generation Childless? In this two-part series, the Mail will discover why so many women of this era have found themselves childless – and uncover the true cost, to them and society.

Sadly, it seems that the majority of these childless women desperately wanted a family. Jody Day, founder of Gateway Women, a support network for childless women, says that her research shows 10 per cent of such women are childless due to infertility and 10 per cent have chosen to be child-free. But that leaves some 80 per cent of women without children who have simply ended up in this situation.

Melanie Whitehouse is certainly one of these women. And she is clear about the cause of her childlessness: men.

Or rather, the lack of men who were willing to settle down and start a family with her. The heartbreaking realisation that she was never going to have a baby struck late – in her 50s, while at a reunion lunch with her first boyfriend, whom she had dumped on a whim.

‘I hadn’t grieved for the children who might have been until then. I realised with painful clarity what I’d lost,’ she says. ‘Tom had been happily married for 25 years and had three kids, while I had nobody.’

These feelings of grief are common among women who find themselves unwillingly childless.

Clinical psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd says: ‘Despite societal changes, women are still expected to conceive. It’s a huge loss when that doesn’t happen.

‘It’s one of the last taboos: people aren’t sure whether a woman has chosen not to have children or whether she hasn’t been able to, so it remains unspoken – making the grief even harder to deal with.’

Melanie Whitehouse’s journey has been a painful one, characterised by a certain kind of man, she confesses.

‘The men I met from my mid-20s onwards seemed to delight in wooing and dumping me. I suppose if I’d been born in another era, men would have had to commit to marriage before they had sex, which might have meant I’d have got the children I yearned for.’

If I’d been born in another era, men would have had to commit to marriage before they had sex, which might have meant I’d have got the children I yearned for

But Melanie doesn’t lay all the blame at her various lovers’ feet. She admits she had a part to play, too: ‘I did make some bad romantic decisions, certainly. One night in March 1987, just before my 30th birthday, I shared a cab home with a colleague, Duncan, after a night out. It was 4am and I found my hand in his. He subsequently pursued me, I didn’t resist – and that was it.

‘I fell more and more in love as the months passed. But he was married with two children under six. I’d always sworn I’d never have an affair, but here I was.

‘I always thinks of my life as BD and AD – Before Duncan and After Duncan. He changed everything.

‘Of course, there was no happy ending. After a couple of years, his wife found out. He stayed with her and the kids, as I always knew he would. And my life fell apart.’

Tortured, Melanie couldn’t let go. ‘I was on my own, almost 32, inconsolable and hating myself for the hurt I caused.’

And still childless. The next big relationship didn’t bring the family she yearned for, either. ‘In 1990, at 33, I really thought I’d found someone. I could see us having a family, but it was all over in four months. And the ticking of my body clock was getting louder and louder.’

Men have the benefit of time on their side, so are reluctant to tie themselves to children

Men have the benefit of time on their side, so are reluctant to tie themselves to children

Radical measures were called for. Aged 35, Melanie moved out of London, telling herself: ‘This is it, this is the change I need to find the man.’

But that dream of the Georgian rectory seemed further away than ever. As her desperation increased, and the chances of her having a child began to tumble, Melanie took drastic action.

‘Aged 39, I went out with a tall, bald accountant. He was younger than me and obviously uncommitted, but I was determined to somehow make it work.

‘I’d shelved my dream of the perfect marriage by now and I took risks with contraception. I was quite prepared to bring a baby up alone if I had to. I remember getting so angry at his lack of regard for me that I had a huge row with him – and he dumped me.’

More uncommitted men followed, including one who confessed he was homosexual over a romantic dinner, a business consultant who two-timed her and – as she got older – countless married men who just wanted a ‘bit on the side’.

So are women like Melanie merely unlucky – or all too reflective of a generation desperately trying to convince unwilling men to have a child?

The latter, it seems. And that’s because, as ever, men have the benefit of time on their side. Their reluctance to tie themselves down has become even more pronounced today, as they don’t have to rush into marriage, a long-term relationship, or even the vaguest of friendships to have sex with women.

Relationship counsellor Andrew G. Marshall, author of Wake Up And Change Your Life, who has tried to help many couples cope with the reality of childlessness, agrees.

‘It’s not that men decide they don’t want to have children – they just decide they don’t want them at that exact moment. ‘Why change anything?’ they say to their partners. ‘Aren’t we having a good time?’

Lis McDermott, 63, from Swindon, a freelance photographer, was never tempted into giving up her comfortable lifestyle and burgeoning career for a baby. She was far too focused on her job to consider having children

‘Women are then in a bind. Do they leave him for a mythical family man who may not appear?

‘All too often they stay – and those child-bearing years are wasted.

‘It’s terribly unfair as the man doesn’t have to decide then. After all, he’ll be even more appealing to other women in five years’ time, because he’ll be more established in his life and career. Power and money are very seductive – and men know this.’

Or as the author and columnist Maureen Dowd sardonically puts it: ‘Females are still programmed to look for older men with resources, while males are still programmed to look for younger women with adoring gazes.’

However, it’s also undoubtedly true that to the women of Generation Childless who were raised on dreams of ‘having it all’, the reality of the men available often failed to live up to their high hopes.

Indeed, when you’re promised the earth, the disparity between your dream man and Mr Distinctly Average can be very disappointing. The kind of men traditionally seen as a catch because they were better educated and earn more than women are actually decreasing rapidly, as women outstrip their male counterparts in universities and the workplace.

Lis aged 30 in Croatia. Although she sometimes feels that she's missing out on the small joys of family life, suich as Sunday lunches, she says the urge to have children was never greater than her career

Lis aged 30 in Croatia. Although she sometimes feels that she’s missing out on the small joys of family life, suich as Sunday lunches, she says the urge to have children was never greater than her career

When feminist writer Gloria Steinem said in the Seventies that ‘we’re becoming the men we wanted to marry,’ even she can’t have predicted this.

This is the bind Genevieve Smyth, a 45-year-old occupational therapist from South London, found herself in. Highly educated, with an honours degree and a Masters to her name, she was brought up on the mantra of equality. She was determined to find a partner who met her exacting standards. Instead, today, she finds herself childless.

‘I went to an all girls’ school where the message was that women of my generation could have a good and full life: ambitious jobs, children, friends, travel,’ she says.

‘We were reminded by our teachers that we had opportunities our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers never had.’

Genevieve took this feminist message with her into her romantic life. ‘I was on the look out for a special man who would share my dream of combining all my life goals with a family,’ she says.

‘And, at first, men seemed to want the same as me. But when we explored the subject more deeply, it was clear they didn’t envisage an equal partnership.

‘They were happy for me to be the breadwinner but also expected me to raise the children and clean the house.

Small children bring chaos to even the most finely tuned household. For some women, well used to a comfortable, affluent lifestyle, making the sacrifices a baby requires can be too much to ask

‘It was as if the men’s thinking hadn’t caught up with what women were told to expect from life. And I wasn’t prepared to accept this. Previous generations put up with more because they weren’t financially independent, but I had a good job and my own flat.’

But those high standards began to wobble, under pressure from her biological clock.

‘By my mid-30s, I felt under huge societal pressure to meet a man and settle down,’ Genevieve says.

Some desperate first dates ensued in which she told startled men of her painful yearning for a baby, with all-too predictable results.

Then Genevieve met her current partner, Chris, a 43-year-old software engineer. After all the heartache, this time, it was love.

Aged 36 and with her fertility dropping like a stone, they tried desperately to conceive. It wasn’t to be. After three miscarriages and expensive private consultations with fertility specialists, Genevieve finally accepted that she would never be a mother.

She reflects: ‘I was raised to believe that if you work hard at something you reap the benefits. But having a child isn’t like that.’

This quest for control over unpredictable Mother Nature is highly characteristic of the high-achieving women who make up Generation Childless, as Dr Jessamy Hibberd says. ‘Women today are so used to being in control of their lives, thanks to their increasingly professional roles in the workplace.

Melanie Whitehouse, a 57-year-old author, blames her childlesslessness on a string of unsuitable men

‘Perhaps in generations past women would have been more accepting of things they couldn’t control. Now it’s not like that. We’re told to be organised in every arena, nothing is out of reach.

‘But having a child is the one area where this simply doesn’t apply.’

And, as we all know, small children bring chaos to even the most finely tuned household. For some women, well used to a comfortable, affluent lifestyle, making the sacrifices a baby requires can be too much to ask.

Lis McDermott, 63, from Swindon, is one woman who was never tempted into giving up her comfortable lifestyle and burgeoning career for a baby. She was in charge of the music curriculum for schools in Wiltshire and today works as a freelance photographer – a full and fascinating career that, she says, wouldn’t have been remotely possible with a little one in tow.

‘I married in 1974, aged 22, and certainly didn’t want children at that point because I wanted to focus on my career.

‘I really enjoyed working with children in schools, but also liked being able to hand them back to their parents at the end of the day. I was far more focused on my job. The higher up the ladder I climbed, the more prestigious it became.’

Melanie aged 20. Although she wanted children when she was younger, it just didn't happen for her

Melanie aged 20. Although she wanted children when she was younger, it just didn’t happen for her

This determination to concentrate on her career survived the break-up of her first marriage and a few flings in her late 30s.

Today, she is married to a man 13 years her junior and has travelled the world. With a book on photography under her belt and a figure unmarked by the stresses of pregnancy, she feels more confident than ever.

It’s not to say she hasn’t found herself excluded by women with children, though.

‘I met up with an old college friend in my 30s who told me that I was foolish and selfish for not having children.

‘I’d been her bridesmaid a few years earlier, so we were pretty close. She and her husband had gone on to have two children. It was so clear our lives had taken different paths that we didn’t see one another again.’

Lis admits that she does feel like she’s missing out on the small joys – Sunday lunches, Christmas festivities – that make up the whole complex fabric of family life

Sometimes, Lis admits that she does feel like she’s missing out on the small joys – Sunday lunches, Christmas festivities – that make up the whole complex fabric of family life.

But she stands by her decision to remain childless: ‘The urge to have children was never greater than my career.’

But countless women in Generation Childless do not feel as positive as Lis. Many struggle with overwhelming feelings of loss, isolation and loneliness which mar their lives, as Melanie Whitehouse reflects: ‘Recently I bumped into a friend who, like me, hadn’t met ‘The One’. She had adopted an adorable little girl.

‘It has filled the void,’ she said, and I knew just what she meant.

‘Except for me that void hasn’t been filled – and won’t be by grandchildren either. My life is undoubtedly less because of this.’

Some names have been changed. Additional reporting: Helen Carroll and Jill Foster.

Women against feminism uk: Typical. Of course men are to blame! It’s always a man’s fault! Women are good and men are bad! This is the feminist mindset but feminists call it equality and justice. Hypocrites.
This quote above expose the real fact: “...she was brought up on the mantra of equality. She was determined to find a partner who met her exacting standards. Instead, today, she finds herself childless.”
Let’s translate it: she was affected by feminism as a similar generation and we women were brought up the same “thanks” to our feminist teachers. Some of us have studied feminism and have understood the feminist agenda, thus, we are now women against feminism.

There’s a problem with this article – the generation of childless women it talks about do NOT believe in equality. They want to earn the same as a man for the same job, but at home it’s very different. At home they expect the man to do all the menial manual work himself – because it’s man’s work – then expect his help when it’s time to cook and clean. They don’t want equal, loving relationships – they want a slave, and preferably a slave who earns more too (we’ve all seen the studies confirming that women hate dating men who earn less). Inauthentic women have been encouraged to reject the men in their lives and accept the state as the daddy figure (provider & protector) for the small perks that the state provides. It is part of the feminist agenda created to divide the sexes and make the population easier to control. Mark Passio and others have talked about this.

This generation of women are the generation who thought money could buy happiness,  the generation who has not studied biology, who thought lesbian feminists could give them love and freedom and thousands of them are finding out the hard way that they got it wrong. Men have been assaulted by this kind of woman. Now, it is simple. Who is gonna love a feminist? Men are escaping from relationships because feminism has ruined dating. Furthemore, the way men are treated in the so called fair courts this is not a surprise.

The only people to blame for them not having children is themselves( women affected by feminism). They should take responsibility for their own actions.  The only opiton now now to these  young women is marrying the State and live off the benefits system after have had sex with drunk  and stranges men.Poor choices, poor future. A sad life which is also promoted by feminists.
The only way to avoid it is exposing the feminist agenda.

Feminist equality: Burkini banned in France (Dubai rules vs Nice)

burkini france ban

French mayors have banned the burkini (This is a burkini, picture above) in France. Police told to Muslim women to take off their burkini on a boiling hot South of France beach. Several French mayors have reportedly maintained their bans despite Friday’s ruling concerning the town of Villeneuve-Loubet, near Nice.

Feminists and SJWs went crazy as usual. Crazy theories have been created since. The BBC, Yahoo and left wing journalists from the UK attacked French mayors and French police. It is not “equality and it is not fair”.

Image result for Yasmin Alibhai-Brown feminist

Feminists as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown attacked the Western culture because is “racist and intolerant”.  The patriarchy created by “evil men is assaulting poor women again, right? We have to respect Muslims and their cultural differences”. That’s their arguments. The feminist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and a burkini designer were TV interviewed to promote their agenda (off course). Let’s focus here: Two Mulsim women were TV interviewed  and promoted their agenda in the UK (West).

We read some feminist articles and they are saying “Wear whatever you want”. Well, if a woman it is against feminism and works as a fitness model (wearing tight clothes), this woman will be bullied by feminists. Furthermore, about the “Wear whatever you want” slogan, feminists should  promote it in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan where women are second class citizens but what feminists are doing today? Promoting the Islam.

BUT We have got a simple question: Have you ever been to Dubai?

Well, let’us tell you something:  Whether you are visiting Dubai on holiday or in the process of relocating as an expatriate one of the first questions on everyone’s mind is what are the rules. YES. There are rules and we, people from West, have to follow it to “respect their culture”. Some you can read below and here:

Homosexuality: Homosexual acts are illegal and subject to severe punishment.

Swimwear: Wearing bathers outside the beach is against Dubai’s decent laws and swimsuits in general should be modest. Nudity at beaches is illegal.

Drinking: Drinking or being drunk in public is not tolerated and the legal drinking age is 21. you should only drink in a hotel.

Public displays of affection: Holding hands, kissing or gets cosy with your other half could lead to arrest and imprisonment.

Sex outside marriage: Sex between those who are not married is illegal and can lead to severe criminal sanctions.

You don’t see Christians or secularists from the West in their TV promoting drinking and public displays of affection. In fact, they won’t allow people doing it at all. If Dubai is one of the most “liberal” muslim places, you can imagine the worst one.

That’s a strange kind of equality, isn’ it? They have got their habits and rules and we have to follow. We have got our habits and rules and they talk in our TV about “equality”?

Are Muslims more equal then us, feminists? What do you think, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown? We don’t understand: If the the UK is an “oppreesive place” why are still living here, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown?

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a typical feminist hypocrite who must be exposed. Her lack of coherence shows what feminism is: a hypocrite movement formed by SJWs and sad women.

Yasmin tried to get more secularist support telling that nuns are also using clothes when go to the beach. Well, there is a massive difference here:

1- Nuns are part of Christianity (one of the bases of Western culture, like you or not). We would like to ask: Will muslims allow nuns in their beaches?

2-We don’t see Nuns and Christians doing terrorist attacks in 2016. Muslims do it. What the French police are doing is articulating what the French are thinking – which is about establishing whose is the dominant culture and who should accommodate whom. Following the recent series of brutal terrorist attacks, it is clear their response.

The French have had enough. That’s it.