The feminist political party: Labour bans white straight men from equalities conference

An advert for the Young Labour event said that to attend, an applicant had to be under 27 and had to ‘self-define’ as ‘one or more’ of four groups

Labour was blasted today for banning old, white, able-bodied straight men from an event.

The party is inviting people to apply to join an equalities conference in London next month. Young Labour’s Equalities Conference was billed as a “one-day event” for disabled, LGBT, women and black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) members, according to an invitation sent to members.

An advert for the Young Labour event said that to attend, an applicant had to be under 27 and had to ‘self-define’ as ‘one or more’ of four groups.

These are BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic), disabled, LGBT (lesbian, gay bi or trans) and women. At the conference, equalities caucuses would elect the positions of women’s, BAME, disabled and LGBT representatives.

Discriminating men, Labour?

Actually, Young Labour Women are proud of it.

Women Against Feminism UK: British conservatives are not the best and smartest politicians in Britain because they do not understand what conservativive means.  However, Labour is a nightmare. Labour is full of feminists, LGBT and social justice warriors. Marxism murdered 150 million at least in the 20th century. The neo marxists are alive and well in the Labour party.

Some facts: 

1- They say that “They against  discrimination” but are discriminating men. 

2- Labour equalities conference is only open to BAME, disabled, LGBT and women (feminists).

3- They are against capitalism and hate money but be eligible you must pay the Labour membership. 



The Suffragettes were NOT heroines, they were terrorists: Stop brainwashing our children

suffragettes were terrorists

6/2/2018 is the centenary of The Representation of the People Act, better known for its role in giving women the vote. The feminist media is selling lies and loving it. The Representation of the People Act has been used as yet another opportunity to remind us of “women’s centuries of oppression”, how the Suffragettes “saved us”, how men are evil, feminists are angels and all that popular myths promoted (the actual word is brainwashed) by the feminist media.

This is not the full picture of what actually happened. It is a simple myth promoted by years of feminist agenda where teachers and the media are not teaching, informing. In fact, both are indoctrinating our children.

In the years leading up to the First World War society was different and the world was not perfect for women. However, the world were not perfect for men either and feminists don’t tell you that. The United Kingdom was in war and men were enlisted compulsorily into the armed services. Many of them were poor, unlettered, white and young men.

The United Kingdom was subjected to a ferocious campaign of bombing and arson. Those conducting this terrorist offensive were members of the Women’s Social and Political Union; better known as the Suffragettes (Many wealthy women as Emmeline Pankhurst). The targets for their attacks ranged from St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England in London to theatres and churches in Ireland. The violence, which included several attempted assassinations, culminated in June 1914 with an explosion in Westminster Abbey. Simon Webb explores the way in which the suffragette bombers have been airbrushed from history, leaving us with a distorted view of the struggle for female suffrage. Not only were the suffragettes far more aggressive than is generally known, but there exists the very real and surprising possibility that their militant activities actually delayed, rather than hastened, the granting of the parliamentary vote to British women.

These early feminists, in order to shame men who were not soldiers were using the White Feather ( a traditional symbol of cowardice, used and recognised especially within the British Army and in countries of the British Empire since the 18th century).

Interestingly, poor, unlettered, white and young men who did not have the right to vote were going to war. Meanwhile, wealthy women were bombing Britain. 

The Suffragettes myth is one of modern British history’s greatest and most dangerous pack of lies that must be exposed. Emmeline Pankhurst should rightfully be viewed today in the same light as any other mass-murderer, but with perhaps special contempt for having delayed women’s full voting enfranchisement and special mockery for being so poor at setting off bombs and actually killing people. The fact that so few lives WERE ended by her cult should never overshadow its intentions. If the same acts were committed today by an Islamic fundamentalist group, for example, they’d be branded terrorists and butchered, regardless of the fatality rates of their attacks.

The Suffragettes should not be remembered as the women who secured the right to vote for womankind but should be remembered as the architects and agents of the first terrorist campaign in Britain. Before the IRA or the ISIS there were British Women promoting terrorism and they do not deserve to be remembered as role models.

We recommend: It was men who won votes for women, not the Suffragettes

The Suffragette Bombers: Britain’s Forgotten Terrorists

The truth about the Suffragettes


‘Grid girls’ x feminists: F1 models fight back and expose feminists

Formula 1 has decided to end its tradition of using ‘grid girls’, saying it was at odds with modern “societal norms.”
Welcome to 2018. Political correctness and feminists are here NOT to help women at all.

F1 announced the demise of the tradition in a short statement on Wednesday. “While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 Grands Prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms. We don’t believe the practice is appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world,” said Sean Bratches, managing director of commercial operations.

However, the models are now protesting on social media, saying their role was grossly misrepresented.

Some women, whose current or past jobs have apparently been scrapped amid the broader heated debate over workspace sexual harassment, are venting their anger on social media AGAINST FEMINISTS. They say they have become victims of a misplaced eagerness to defend women’s rights.

“Ridiculous that women who say they are ‘fighting for women’s rights’ are saying what others should and shouldn’t do, stopping us from doing a job we love and are proud to do,” tweeted F1 grid girl Rebecca Cooper.


“Because of these feminists, they’ve cost us our jobs! I have been a grid girl for 8 years and I have Never felt uncomfortable!” said model Lauren-Jade Pope, with many more joining in with similar messages.

But what is the feminist logic here? The most common feminist arguments are:

1- These models are “objectified and abused”.

Lie. They are not. These models want to be models and are well paid for that due to the free market. It is their choice and if you are confusing models with prostitutes, you are a fool.

2- These models are “objectified and naked”.

Lie. They are not. Furthermore, feminist celebrities and feminists SJW are always naked when singing, protesting or in magazines.

It is nice to see these Grid Girls exposing feminism. You can read more below:

“Ridiculous that women who say they are ‘fighting for women’s rights’ are saying what others should and shouldn’t do, stopping us from doing a job we love and are proud to do,” tweeted F1 grid girl Rebecca Cooper.

“Because of these feminists, they’ve cost us our jobs! I have been a grid girl for 8 years and I have Never felt uncomfortable!” said model Lauren-Jade Pope, with many more joining in with similar messages.

So the inevitable has happened, F1 gridgirls have been banned. Ridiculous that women who say they are “fighting for women’s rights” are saying what others should and shouldn’t do, stopping us from doing a job we love and are proud to do. PC gone mad 😡

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Get me on @thismorning so I can defend us
Because of these feminists, they’ve have cost us our jobs! I have been a grid girl for 8 years and I have Never felt uncomfortable! I love my job, if I didn’t I wouldn’t do it! Noone forces us to do this! This is our choice!

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I love my job. I’m respected, paid well & proud to represent the team I’m working for. It’s not right for anyone, let alone ‘feminists’ to judge our job when quite frankly they are putting so many women out of work. Where is the equality & empowerment here? 💛🏁

Feminism now costing women their jobs..🙈🤔wake me up when all this crazy political correctness blows over and pass me the Lycra! I loved being a grid girl 🏁😎📷 @Mike_Petch @PaulONeill29




How can the feminazi Oprah be a credible voice for abused women when she has failed to disavow her friend Harvey Weinstein?

Feminazi, SJW, snowflakes and socialists are supporting Oprah for American President.


Given that Oprah Winfrey has set herself up as a figurehead for the #MeToo movement, and is even reportedly considering running for president, it is imperative that she disavow serial sex predator and her friend for many years Harvey Weinstein.

Oprah maintained a close professional relationship with Harvey Weinstein over the course of two decades and was caught on camera kissing and hugging the notorious accused rapist at numerous events and award ceremonies.

British actress Kadian Noble said she met Weinstein at a 2014 event in London and that Oprah was “swinging off his arm”. She said that Weinstein used Oprah to lure her in with the promise of boosting her career.

Weinstein subsequently allegedly raped Noble, prompting her to file a sex trafficking lawsuit against Weinstein in a Manhattan federal court in November.

“Harvey wasn’t acting alone. Harvey wasn’t allowed and enabled to do what he did to Kadian and other women without help,” said Noble’s attorney, Jeff Herman.

How can Oprah Winfrey credibly claim to represent victims of sexual assault when she has failed to vehemently condemn Harvey Weinstein and refused to mention his name during her Golden Globes speech?

Who is Oprah, the super feminist?

Oprah told us how to run our marriage but wouldn’t commit to marriage herself. She told us how to raise our kids but never gave birth or adopted kids. Oprah now speaks for Weight Watchers but can’t control her own weight.

Can someone tell us how Harvey Weinstein’s best mate got to be the voice of a movement against the sexual assault of women?

A petition demanding Oprah Winfrey disavow serial sex predator Harvey Weinstein is building momentum, having passed 15,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

Sign here.

Oprah is “great when talking about racism and peace”, right? No, it is not. Oprah’s solution to racism is “Old white people “just have to die”. You can see it below.

Oprah is not a good role model.


Fascist children? The fascist left does not know what fascism mean.


The left media (CNN) posted that some cartoons are fascists. Unbelievable.

CNN clearly in desperate need of a history lesson to understand what fascism actually is and how it manifests itself. CNN, Fascism has a crystal clear definition – it’s the opposite of whatever you like.

Fascism is not about patriarchy etc. Fascism is not about being black, blue, white, red or pink. Fascism includes things like one party government, repression of dissent.

From the Italian creator of fascism (Benito Mussolini)“All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” 


Lewis Hamilton said “boys don’t wear princess dresses”. Yes. Lewis Hamilton is right

Resultado de imagem para Lewis Hamilton

SJWs and feminists are attacking Lewis Hamilton. The British pilot posted  that “boys don’t wear princess dresses”. He was talking about his nephew who was wearing like a girl.

Well, the lefties went crazy and are accusing Hamilton of different things.

Britain is getting politically correct obsessed. You can’t call a girl, girl. You can’t call a boy, boy. There is a terrible agenda behind it.

Leftist obsession with emasculating men is old  and gross. Feminists demonise men but are the first ones who want to turn women into men.  The equality myth is a classic tactic here.  There is no man/woman. We all become IT.

So boys being boys is bad, girls being girl is bad but boys becoming girl is normal? What kind of logic is that?

Lewis wasn’t harsh at all he was speaking the truth but this is the left attempt to take away all masculinity from every male and censoring free speech.

If someone gets to adulthood and wants to wear dresses then that’s fine it’s their choice but stop forcing young children into a box where they don’t have a gender . It’s sickening and bordering on child abuse.

Let’s keep it in mind: This agenda will no doubt prove to be harmful to children. The suicide rate for “trans” children is 40%.  Not very good odds.

Teaching boy’s to be girls and vice versa will mentally damage kid’s for life. The only one’s that want to see this is less than 1% of the population and their mentally bent supporters. Shame on any parent doing this to their kid’s. Why not wait till their teens to see if they feel gay instead of pushing your view of what they should be on them?

Yet these same people are curiously silent while thousands of children were getting rapped and prostituted in Rotherham, Oldham, etc etc.

We mean am we wrong or does a minor gender faux pas trump mass rape?

If you disagree with Hamilton, fine. But do not demand people be banned from Facebook or fired from their jobs. Acting like that you are not better than Fidel Castro or that North Korean dictator.

Stupid feminist professor: Biology professor says “chromosomes don’t determine sex”.

The world is going crazy.

  • A biology professor from San Jose State University recently argued in several tweets that “chromosomes don’t determine sex.”
  • The tweets were written in response to Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain, who had tweeted a picture of the XX and XY chromosomes as reminder of “how many genders there are.”

A San Jose State University biology professor recently accused a Texas state legislator of being “bigoted” for tweeting that there are only two genders.

“In case you forgot how many genders there are,” Republican State Representative Briscoe Cain tweeted on December 21, attaching a picture of the XX and XY chromosomes.

“One thing I am not doing is arguing with someone whose basic premise is incorrect and tries to tell me that they know more about my science, in which I am an expert, than I do.”   

[RELATED: UCLA students threatened online for saying ‘there are only two genders’]

Describing herself as a geneticist, Rachael French  replied to the tweet with an extended harangue in which she impugned Cain’s motives and derided his understanding of biology.

“Hey geneticist here. You’ve disingenuously and for bigoted purposes oversimplified a complex phenomenon,” she wrote. “A few notes: 1) Sex and gender aren’t the same thing. 2) Chromosomes don’t determine sex.”

“I know high school biology told you they do, but nope,” she continued in a separate tweet. “A single gene on the Y starts a cascade of events involving genes all over the genome to determine sex. If any of those things changes, surprise!”

French went on to differentiate between gender, which she describes as “a complex phenomenon arising from interactions between genes and the environment,” and sex, which “describes the physical manifestations” of that interaction.

“‘Gender’ describes the psychological and/or the emotional identity,” she elaborated, saying, “they’re regulated somewhat, though certainly not entirely, independently.”

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“Finally, there are more than two sexes at the somatic level,” she concluded, pointing out that some individuals exhibit physical traits that are inconsistent with their chromosomal sex.

“Intersex and ambiguously sexed individuals arise at an appreciable frequency – on the order of 1%,” she asserted. “This is because physical sex is more hormonal, not chromosomal.”

One user questioned French’s arguments, countering that saying “‘Sex and gender aren’t the same thing,’ isn’t at all a genetic statement. It’s a questionable sociological construct.”

French, however, refused to engage in that debate, citing her academic credentials as a means of dismissing the comment out of hand.

“One thing I am not doing is arguing with someone whose basic premise is incorrect and tries to tell me that they know more about my science, in which I am an expert, than I do,” she wrote.

In a separate tweet on December 24, French added that she teaches “this sex determination stuff” to roughly 200 people every year, and “the gender identity bit” to approximately 40, expressing satisfaction that her response to Cain’s tweet reached “at least five times as many in 24 hours.”

Cain has since made his Twitter account private, but told Campus Reform that the decision was unrelated to the exchange.