How can the feminazi Oprah be a credible voice for abused women when she has failed to disavow her friend Harvey Weinstein?

Feminazi, SJW, snowflakes and socialists are supporting Oprah for American President.


Given that Oprah Winfrey has set herself up as a figurehead for the #MeToo movement, and is even reportedly considering running for president, it is imperative that she disavow serial sex predator and her friend for many years Harvey Weinstein.

Oprah maintained a close professional relationship with Harvey Weinstein over the course of two decades and was caught on camera kissing and hugging the notorious accused rapist at numerous events and award ceremonies.

British actress Kadian Noble said she met Weinstein at a 2014 event in London and that Oprah was “swinging off his arm”. She said that Weinstein used Oprah to lure her in with the promise of boosting her career.

Weinstein subsequently allegedly raped Noble, prompting her to file a sex trafficking lawsuit against Weinstein in a Manhattan federal court in November.

“Harvey wasn’t acting alone. Harvey wasn’t allowed and enabled to do what he did to Kadian and other women without help,” said Noble’s attorney, Jeff Herman.

How can Oprah Winfrey credibly claim to represent victims of sexual assault when she has failed to vehemently condemn Harvey Weinstein and refused to mention his name during her Golden Globes speech?

Who is Oprah, the super feminist?

Oprah told us how to run our marriage but wouldn’t commit to marriage herself. She told us how to raise our kids but never gave birth or adopted kids. Oprah now speaks for Weight Watchers but can’t control her own weight.

Can someone tell us how Harvey Weinstein’s best mate got to be the voice of a movement against the sexual assault of women?

A petition demanding Oprah Winfrey disavow serial sex predator Harvey Weinstein is building momentum, having passed 15,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

Sign here.

Oprah is “great when talking about racism and peace”, right? No, it is not. Oprah’s solution to racism is “Old white people “just have to die”. You can see it below.

Oprah is not a good role model.



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